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Ideal girlfriends, just like ideal boyfriends, do not exist. But it doesn’t mean that you should relax and enjoy your shortcomings. People should always strive for development. And these are the tips for girls who want to approach perfection.

1. She inspires her man

Women are the main source of motivation for men. It is for their sake that men want to achieve success, grow, and develop.

If a woman does not notice and does not encourage the efforts of her man, at one point, he will start thinking about why he should do all this.

If a man doesn’t have a desire to gift you the whole world just looking at you, you do something wrong. Try to inspire your man better.

2. She is intellectually developed

These days when silicone breasts and fair hair color were the main criteria for choosing a woman have gone. No one wants to see a dummy next to them.

There should be something to talk about with you. Otherwise, your man will be bored. Even if you cook the most delicious pasta ever and look good, you can’t do without the conversations about the origin of the Universe. Read books, attend courses, and be all-around educated.

3. She has a sense of humor

A sense of humor is a great streak for a girl, although it is not so common. A cheerful girl is just magic! Firstly, such a girl has no complexes in relation to herself. Secondly, laughter prolongs life. Thirdly, she can always relieve the tension.

Remember, little fooling around never kills anybody.

4. She respects his friends

That’s so common when a girl thinks that the friends of her boy have a bad effect on him. Some girls even prohibit their communication and issue ultimatums. That’s a wrong approach. Pay heed to his friends. More than likely they are as cool guys as your man is. Hang out together more, and your man will be happy.

5. She says nice words to him

Often, women think that men don’t like compliments and pleasant words. If only they knew how wrong they are!

Come on, men also want to hear that they look good, that we like their bodies, and that they are smart. Such words make them move on and work on themselves. That’s a form of motivation.

6. She’s not afraid to show her love

Modesty, of course, is a virtue of any girl, but when you are too shy, it can get boring.

Men like it when girls are not afraid to show their feelings even in public. On the contrary, it warms them up. They need to know that they are loved and appreciated. And such small manifestations as a short kiss in the coffee house are direct evidence of this.

It’s great if you understand this and don’t look restrained, showing feelings for a man.

7. She has sex appeal

Do not confuse vulgarity with sexuality. We are not talking about short skirts and low necklines. It can be some special outfit, a hairstyle, or a communication style.

You should always know how to present yourself, how to behave, and how to make sure that passion never disappears from your relationship.

The secret tip: Confidence is the key.

8. She is ambitious and independent

Are you independent? If yes, you are smart, and obviously, your man will never be bored with you. You must admit that girls who build their careers arouse much more respect. Independence turns (real) men on.

9. She looks after herself

Many girls relax being in relationships and stop trying to look good (men do the same, by the way.) The ideal girl will keep trying to look always good. And if not being glamorous, she will at least be particular about appearance.

10. She doesn’t manipulate

Manipulation is a favorite behavior tactic of many women. Whenever girls argue with their dudes, they tend to put pressure on them, throwing a pity party. A woman should not have the desire to trick her man. Be sincere, speak yourself.

11. She supports her man in challenging situations

Any man wants to see a partner next to him. Here, it is necessary to distinguish support from guardianship clearly.

A man wants a girl to always be on his side—not solving all problems, but helping to find a way to solve. Unfortunately, few people catch this fine line; instead of a partnership, they get a mother-son relationship.

12. She takes care of her health

If you go in for sports, takes care of yourself and eat properly, this is a wild plus. And you know what? Take care of your man as well, just in case.

13. She respects his feelings

It means that you respect your men. If you see that some of your actions hurt his feelings, think twice before doing it again.

14. She is good in bed

Sure, we couldn’t skip this point! Sex is one of the most vital aspects of any relationship.

And here we talk more about sexual compatibility. Significant differences in sexual temperament will cause serious problems that can lead to their collapse.

15. She does not assume men’s responsibilities

You don’t have to solve all the problems, take responsibility for your financial situation (if you’re married), and manage all the processes. One morning you wake up and realize that you left your man without balls. Let your man be a man.

It’s hard to meet all the ‘requirements’ and, frankly speaking, not necessary at all! Otherwise, there would be no men who would match you!

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