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Finally, what you have been waiting for so long happened: you met your Mr. Right. He makes compliments and spends every free minute with you. The feelings are mutual. 

Suddenly something changes. Your man pulls away. He does not take the initiative in meetings. You talk less. This situation gives you a sense of discomfort. Let’s figure out what to do in such a situation.

As psychologists sometimes say, at the beginning of a relationship, a strong manifestation of feelings can scare a man. Why do men pull away?

  • He loses interest because he does not plan the future with you.
  • He is afraid of being vulnerable.
  • He thinks that relations are developing too fast, and he is not ready for such responsibility.

Yes, these are all pretty negative calls. What to do in this case?

Step 1: Stop analyzing the situation

The longer you think about what happened, the more you aggravate the situation. You do not need to analyze the actions of a man. And even more so, you do not need to make it the center of your universe. He was attracted to you primarily because you had your life without him. He liked the fact that you took responsibility for your happiness.

Step 2: Take one step back

At the very beginning of the relationship, an excellent reception is to give up any efforts to gain the partner’s attention back. Do not call him, do not write to him, and do not come to him. Let him choose you. When he does this, it also makes you feel better. If he does not appear, then you will save a lot of time and nerves.

Step 3: Think before saying something

Take your time. Better show your partner that being with you is fun and nice. Try to discuss the questions tormenting you, but do not push well. He admits that he is with a woman who respects his needs, taking care of her feelings. The man will appreciate that you do not blame and criticize him.

This positive experience will strengthen your relationship, and perhaps they will grow into something more.

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