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What women are uniquely lucky with is the quality and variety of sexual sensations. Male orgasm can not be compared with the female one since there are many types of female orgasm. And none of them is like the other. Girls, prepare your notebooks!

We decided to look at this question from two sides – sensual and physiological.

Sensation classification


It’s a soft and gentle orgasm spreading over the body and triggering the most tremulous emotions. To fly up to this cloud of paradise pleasure, it is better to fall back on the “spoon” position – when the partners are lying on their side, the man hugs the woman from behind. In this position, the lower, most sensitive part of the vagina is actively stimulated. You need to move to the finals slowly, focusing on emotional closeness with each other, choosing the optimal pace and amplitude of movements.


It’s a strong and quick pleasure that swiftly spreads throughout the body ( and also a perfect sleeping pill – the “swing” relaxes instantly.) To experience this type of pleasure, you first need to pay due attention to the clitoris, and when the ‘heat’ is already quite noticeable, you can proceed to penetration – here comes the missionary position. It is better for a man to lift up, leaning on his hands – this will increase the stimulating effect on the clitoris and point G. The circular movements of hips will make your sensations even more vivid.


It’s fast and powerful, such an orgasm gives a feeling of extreme adventure. It is achieved by vigorous stimulation of the clitoris and especially the front wall of the vagina, where point G is. A man can start with caress with his tongue or hands, it is better to do that in doggy style or from a missionary position, but then the girl’s hips should be raised high by placing pillows. The partner’s circular movements or side-to-side movements are an added plus to pleasure. Full penetration is better to postpone to the finals, but the most important thing is the right rhythm.


Fast and flashing like a twinkle, these orgasms follow one after another. They say that with a certain experience, you can extend the pleasure for an entire hour. Mastery and patience of the partner is the main guarantee of success. He will have to almost several times bring his partner to orgasm, stimulating the clitoris and vagina – but stop a few moments before the final. Changing the place or pace of applying caresses several times, he will be able to bring the lady to a magical state when the concentration of endorphins in the blood reaches a maximum. Penetration, postponed to the very last moment, will complete this sensual symphony.


It’s bright, long, undulating. This orgasm is able to overwhelm with a tsunami of sensations, rolling on the body for 10, or even 20 minutes. The key to success is deep vaginal stimulation, covering not only point G, but also point A, located just above point G, closer to the cervix. It is in it that the secret of the extension of pleasure lies in the form of several orgasms, going one after another. Optimal positions: doggy style or modified doggy. Finding point A is not so simple (so difficult that many skeptics generally deny its existence). Perhaps, in the position when the woman is on her man, it will be easier for her to find the coveted “pleasure button” and stimulate it correctly.


It’s a unique sexual adventure that allows you to achieve a practically “altered state of consciousness.” It requires a modified approach: very long mutual caresses, a full sense of closeness and trust. Caresses in several stages – light touch with hands and tongue, shallow penetration – are interspersed with minutes of relaxed tactile contact. Orgasm is approaching very slowly – interlude can last an entire hour, but the final chord, achieved in your favorite position, will literally get you to a parallel reality.

Virtual reality

It’s relaxing and soft. This orgasm is notable for the fact that it can be obtained both with a partner and without him. The main thing here is training the walls of the vagina, and this requires some skill. Exercise for the muscles of the vagina is generally an extremely healthy thing, so regularly squeezing and unclenching them, you can protect yourself from a number of female diseases. If you train the walls of the vagina for several minutes three times a day, then after a couple of weeks, the feeling of pleasure that rolls throughout the body will begin to come at will at any time.


Physiology classification

Еthree types of physiological orgasm are officially recognized.

Clitoral is an orgasm resulting from the stimulation of the clitoris. It is believed that the clitoral orgasm is brighter but shorter than other types of orgasm.

A woman can experience a clitoral orgasm without sexual intercourse – clitoral stimulation is important here.

Vaginal orgasm, on the contrary, can be got directly during the penetration into the vagina. Many women are convinced that there are many receptors in the vagina. However, vaginal orgasm is possible due to receptor-rich areas adjacent directly to the vagina. This is the clitoris leg and point G, which swell during stimulation and their stimulation becomes possible. It is believed that the vaginal orgasm is longer and leads to more complete relaxation than the clitoral.

Finally, the third type of orgasm is uterine one. Some women experience this type of orgasm if the partner’s genitals reach the uterus. In the case of uterine orgasm, the uterus contracts, which is observed for some time after discharge.

Myotonic orgasm is also distinguished as a separate type of orgasm. It occurs in some women with a strong pressing (tension) of the adductor muscles of the hips. Some women can get an orgasm only when the hips and buttocks are strained, and this is very inconvenient since it makes you and your partner look for poses during sex that can be done. Some girls say that they experience myotonic orgasm even in the gym with certain loads on the hips and buttocks. 

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