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At some point, each girl wondered if the guy likes her. How to understand it? Let’s figure it out!

He finds topics to talk with you

Small talk can happen for no reason, but if a person makes efforts to continue the conversation, asks questions and shows sincere interest — there is no accident.

He listens carefully to what you say

If a guy likes you, he wants to know more about you. If in a conversation it turns out that he remembers when there will be a concert of your favorite band, then he carefully monitors what you say.

He makes compliments

Not every guy will notice that you have made a new haircut. When he says that you have a beautiful smile, he wants you to feel special. Although be careful, some guys compliment every girl they meet on the way.

He tries to impress you and behaves somewhat strangely in your presence

If it seems to you that the guy is trying hard and getting nervous while being next to you, then take a closer look at him. Maybe he likes you.

His body language

As they say, actions speak more than words. Eye contact, the feet direction, touches — all this will help you understand how a guy feels.

He helps you or puts things away

If the guy voluntarily offers to help with the move, then there is something hidden behind. And if you borrowed his book, then this is an occasion to meet at least one more time.

He finds you on all social networks

A person interested in long-term communication usually finds you on all social networks to be aware of what is happening in your life.

He is talking about it

Do you have a boyfriend? Give me your phone number. We need to go there together! If the guy is hinting at a date, then stop doubting. 

The verdict is clear: he likes you.

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