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Last night you told your friend: “I met such a cool guy the other day. We had so much fun on our first date.” However, suddenly everything collapsed. He disappeared for several days. We have prepared an action plan.

Step 1. Thank you, next!

The bitter truth is that if a guy doesn’t text you for a week, then he doesn’t want to. It’s time to put an end to it and move on. Consider it a failed attempt. What if he’s busy? If a man wants to see you, he will find time to meet and will not disappear for weeks.

Step 2. Refocus your mind

When you meet an amazing person, it creates a lot of excitement. This energy appears inside and haunts you. Because of this, you start to doubt, even if something is downright bad. Is he just busy or is his phone stolen? You want to write to him at least some little thing to understand his reaction. Stop! If he’s not willing to put in the minimum effort, then you don’t need to. Put your phone away and go on another date or just for a run.

Step 3. Remember your principles

This guy makes you feel bad. Listen to yourself. It doesn’t fit. Okay, you’ve had 1 or more good dates, but that’s not a reason to lower your standards. After all, your Mr. Right: 

  • is serious
  • takes the lead
  • is ready for a long-term relationship.

Well, the guy who disappears for a week flies by all parameters. So he should be sorry for the missed opportunity, not you.

Step 4. Can you forgive him?

Definitely yes. After all, this is a person with his strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps he met someone else and fell in love. It happens. If it doesn’t work out there, he can return to you. The decision should be yours:

  • if you also like this guy, you can agree to a date
  • however, in no case show too much interest
  • make no more effort than he does.

If after the date he proves that he is a decent person and can be trusted, then you can give him a second chance. You can forgive once, not twice.


  • If a guy hasn’t written for a whole week, then you deserve a better guy.
  • Forgive once, don’t give too many second chances.
  • You will meet the right person, just keep looking.
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