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Sexting is a subtle art. It should be done correctly; otherwise, you risk sounding more ridiculous than exhilarating. So here is our guide to driving her wild with your messages (texts that will turn her on included.)

Rules of how to get her in the mood fast

  • Messages should be light and exciting, do not overdo it: this is still not sex, but only foreplay.
  • Messages of this kind have an overwhelming sensibility since they exclude physical touch but make the mind plunge into pleasure, teasing with memories and anticipation.
  • When sexting, let each other know what you are ready for in sex, what your fantasies are, and what you expect from your bed partner. It will make things spicy and expand your sexual boundaries.
  • Obviously, if you write that you want to “be in her again,” then there should already be a sexual connection between you. That is, this is not just an exciting text message to the girl you liked on the street, but the one with whom you are in a relationship.
  • If the girl ignores your flirting, it would be better to stop showering her with playful texts. You should feel when it is appropriate to start sexting and when it is not.
  • It looks silly if you use too many punctuation marks – question and exclamation marks, repeating them 10 times at the end of a sentence. Remember that erotic messages are more of a whisper and intrigue than of an exclamation. 

Ok, remember that, and let’s move to examples you came here for. 

Text message that will turn her on [50 examples]

  1. Baby, I hope you are not too tired today cause it will take a lot of energy for you to endure what I am about to do to you tonight.
  2. I love hearing you moan my name. I’m making you do it again tonight.
  3. I just can’t fall asleep and get distracted from thinking about those crazy things that I would do to you if you were here.
  4. I want to kiss and bite your neck, breast, and thighs so that you start moaning.
  5. I want to f*ck (make love, have sex) you until you forget your name.
  6. I want to hold you in my arms and cover all of you with kisses.
  7. Tonight I will study your body, every secret place of it. Just a warning. 
  8. I want to feel your sweet lips on me. I promise I can make it worth your while.
  9. Today your clothes will look good on my bedroom floor.
  10. I want to wake up in the morning, go down, and write you a love note with my tongue.
  11. Now I would like to take you to my bed and touch you all night.
  12. What do you choose? A car? Bed? Kitchen table?
  13. Today my tongue will tell you how much I missed you.
  14. God, you were great tonight. Can you imagine if it was not only in my dream?
  15. You inspire my dirtiest thoughts, baby.
  16. Tonight I will not stop until the neighbors know my name.
  17. Right now, I’m thinking about how nice it would be to be in bed with you, ripping off your clothes and kissing every inch of your ideal body.
  18. I’m crazy about you. You are in my heart, in my soul, in my most wicked thoughts.
  19. All I want to do right now is lie next to you, listening to your breath, smelling your hair, and running my hands along the curves of your body.
  20. Be naughty with me. I want to smash your ass legally.
  21. Fun Fact: Kissing and sex relieve stress. I am very tired today, will you help me recover?
  22. I just can’t get out of my head how beautiful and smokin hot you were last night.
  23. You’re just perfect! Who knew that such a coy could be so naughty. 
  24. I didn’t think I could want a girl so badly. Have you bewitched me?
  25. I’m in the shower now. Are you with me? I want to lick the water droplets off your skin.
  26. I can’t sleep. Need to snuggle up to you. Completely naked.
  27. Today I so desperately wanted to take your dress off. But you were gorgeous in it, baby doll.
  28. I can’t stop thinking about you. Especially those legs around my waist.
  29. You know, I have to arrest you for disobedience. Next time I see you, I’ll handcuff you.
  30. I thought about you in my shower today.
  31. If you could read my mind, you would start to be really embarrassed next to me.
  32. I can never get enough of you.
  33. Do you know you’re incredibly sexy?
  34. It’s so cold outside. Be ready to warm each other all night long.
  35. Today I woke up so hungry … with you.
  36. I want to see how you caress yourself.
  37. Baby, you turn me on every freaking second. I don’t think I am sane.
  38. I will make you beg me for mercy in bed today.
  39. I want to feel your body pressed to mine so I can breathe you in. 
  40. I want to take off all your clothes and start kissing you on the lips, slowly moving down.
  41. I can’t stop thinking about your perfect breast, how great it would be to run my tongue over them until they get hard.
  42. You are incredibly sexy. I want to kiss you from head to toe. Feeling your silky skin.
  43. ??I dream of your hot mouth.
  44. I want you to lean back and let me take care of your pleasure myself tonight.
  45. Once I walk through the door, you are all mine, baby.
  46. I’m going to tease you with my fingers and tongue till you start begging me to stick my *** into you.
  47. I want to smack your beautiful ass and pull your hair.
  48. I cannot control myself when I am next to you.
  49. Baby, just sleep with me twice a day, and I’ll do anything for you.
  50. I miss you very much. I want to touch you. However, then I will not be able to stop. 

Picture messages that she will like

Pictures and photos also work. Thanks to them, you can “test the waters.” Send and wait for a reaction. If it is positive, then you can go on with words. Or develop the topic of the pic.

You can accompany some erotic pic with your comment: “Shall we do the same today?”, “I want you like that”, “What do you think about that?”.

As for your intimate photos, keep in mind that girls don’t salivate over candid photos of men. Of course, if you have gorgeous abs, big biceps, and a wide, relief back, which is your pride and the result of hard training, then why not. Send it, but only upon request. Many young ladies are intoxicated by the muscular male body.

No need to spam with your photos. It makes no sense and speaks of narcissism and self-affirmation, which is unusual for really confident guys. This also includes d*ckpics. If the girl insists, and you are in a very close relationship with her, please feel free.

But to send with the aim of “hitting on” is not worth it. She won’t be amazed. You better amaze her when you meet in person.


Flirty messages and dirty talks are a must-do if you want to feel the thrill of sexual attraction and your relationship to be hot and spicy.

Be bold but don’t overdo it. Don’t send nudes to strangers.   

A tip to master your skills: Read a couple of romance novels for adults (written by women). Most girls like them just because of such steamy communication between characters – they want to experience the same. So, it’s your opportunity to become the god of sexting.  

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