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Flirting is the best way to show your interest and arouse it. Every girl has her own methods of flirting. Nevertheless, you’d better remember some basic rules to seem brave but not too available. Plus, we prepared a couple of great flirty questions. He will fall for it!

How to flirt with a gay: basiс tricks

All you need is a positive attitude, a smile, confidence, and subtle hints of tender feelings. We suggest using the following flirting techniques. They work flawlessly.

1. Show him your interest

Before that, decide why you want to flirt with him. If you want to unwind a little, then you can try not so hard – he will take the bait anyway. If you want to develop a relationship, you have to make some effort.

Guys are not aren’t ruled by intuition as girls are. For a guy, it is difficult to understand whether you like him until you give a clear sign. Show your interest with an affectionate look, a smile, or just ask, “How was your day?”.

2. Make eye contact

It works anytime, anywhere. Just do not look at him as if you see right through him (men are shy people). You want to flirt with him, not scare.

Look in his eyes and then shyly look away. If your image is far from being modest, then just glance in his direction playfully. Here’s a nice trick: stare straight at him until a guy catches your eye. Then keep eye contact for a couple of seconds, smile and look away.

3. Smile at him

A smile makes a girl even more attractive! So don’t neglect this flirting technique. You must admit that a lady “in depression” is not very pleasant to look at. A smiling girl attracts attention and makes men feel positive emotions.

A tip: don’t overdo it here either. Sometimes the raised corners of your mouth are enough — practice in the mirror for a start. The smile should be easy and not fake.

4. Laugh at his jokes

Even if they are not very funny, show your partner that you are excited and comfortable with him. There is no need to laugh loudly, attracting the attention of passers-by. An unobtrusive laugh will not only flatter him but also make you more attractive in his eyes.

Let him feel like a witty conversationalist. If he was not like that, you would hardly want to be with him.

5. Touch him

Overcoming the barrier of touch is one of the main ways to flirt with a guy. Look for the most insignificant reasons to touch him: touch his hand when he jokes funny, straighten his collar, lightly touch his neck with your fingers, put your hand in his palm while watching a horror movie, or snuggle up to him out of fear. But this contact should be short.

Watch his reaction. If it is positive, then you can use this technique several times. If he keeps your hand on him or takes it in his palm, your game is a success.

a couple hugging
Photo by Aldo Delara on Unsplash

Flirty conversation starters

If you meet a perfect stranger and want to make a move, use the following conversation starters.

  1. Hey! I write an article about what phrases are best to start dating a man. Can you help me come up with some?
  2. Young man, you and I have so much in common. Do you want me to tell you more about it?
  3. Hey! What is your attitude towards initiative girls?
  4. I want to dispel the myth that a nice guy cannot be an interesting conversationalist. Will you help?
  5. Hello! I am conducting a sociological survey. Tell me, would you like to have a cup of coffee with a girl like me?
  6. Hi, would you like to exchange my free time for talking to you?
  7. Is this gorgeous Doberman yours? I’ve always dreamed of having a dog. Is it true that Dobermans, contrary to popular belief about their aggressiveness, are friendly and peaceful?
  8. Nice shoes! Will you tell me where you got them?
  9. How many secrets there are in these beautiful eyes! Will you share one of them with me?
  10. Hi! If tomorrow is the end of the world, what would you do today?

Flirty questions to ask a guy

We collected 10 flirty first-date questions. But in fact, these are the questions you can ask at any stage of your relationship, so feel free to use them.

  1. Can you help me learn how to talk to guys?
  2. Do you smile cute at everyone there? Or just me?
  3. What do you think, how do you attract me?
  4. Today I woke up in anticipation of something magical. I wonder if this has something to do with you?
  5. Will you forgive yourself if you ignore me?
  6. Tell me what you’ve been doing all day? Except thinking of me, of course.
  7. There is a clear hint in your eyes. But for what?
  8. Is it true that men are polygamous, or do I have a chance to become the only one?
  9. What’s the most stupid thing you’ve done in the last 24 hours?
  10. Do I make you nervous?

By the way, these are great flirty questions to ask your crush over text.

Flirty questions to ask a man on a dating site

If you find somebody on a dating website, don’t hesitate to text first. You have nothing to lose!

  1. Well, I got acquainted with the advantages in your profile, but what about the disadvantages?
  2. Hello, how does your gf let such a man be on the Internet alone?
  3. Are you ready right now to exchange communication on the Internet for a romantic dinner?
  4. I beg your pardon for my tactlessness, but could you cheer me up with your answer?
  5. I wonder if your inner world matches your photos?
  6. And what prevents you from walking along the beach with me right now?
  7. How long has the cover guy registered here?
  8. Hey! Do you also use this social network? Do you also play trombone? Me neither. See how alike we are!
  9. Maybe we should talk already or will we like each other like that?
  10. Do you know what an electric shock is? that’s what I experienced when I saw your photo.
a laughing couple
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Things to talk about with a guy you like

You can talk about everything, but don’t try to discover too personal things if you are not close yet. There are a couple of flirty questions to ask your crush while texting or when you are on a date.

  • Hobbies. Questions like “What are your hobbies?”, “What do you usually do in your free time?”, “Do you have a hobby?” will be good.
  • Hedonism. Usually, in terms of food. “What’s your favorite food?”, “What dish would you like to try?”, “What would you never eat?”, “What food do you associate with childhood?”, “What kind of cuisine do you like?”, “What is your signature dish?”
  • Purchases. “What’s your most expensive purchase”, “What stores do you usually dress in?” (here, you can also admire his style).
  • Family. Quite a personal topic, but you can approach it carefully. “Do you have brothers or sisters?”, “Do you get along with your relatives?”, “Do you have family traditions that everyone honors?”, “Tell about the relative with whom you have the best relationship”.
  • Pets. “Do you have a pet?”, “Are you a cat person or a dog person ?”, “Have you ever wanted to have a pet? If so, which one? “, “Why does your cat have that name?”, “What’s the most unusual pet you’ve seen?”.
  • Compliment + question. “You are in good shape. Do you play sports? “,” Wow, you are very smart, you probably read a lot. What kind of books do you like? “.
  • Favorite books and films. A blessed topic that can be discussed for a long time. “What book would you recommend?”, “Is there such a book you cried over”

We hope you are inspired. Now it’s time to act!

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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