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What can be more exciting and eerily beautiful than first dates? You have fun, get to know each other, have heart-to-heart talks and kiss… 

But without a detailed plan, your date can turn into the mere swanning around and spoiled the first impression. So, take a couple of minutes to think up the run of the date. Or use our ideas we’ve generated especially for you. No trivialities and tired ideas!

Extreme, babe

Yeah, why not? Let’s start with some danger. Of course, the option is not for home-birds. But f you met on a forum of skydiving enthusiasts (rock climbing, snowboarding, kiting, etc.), why not do extreme sports together?

Firstly, there is the opportunity to show off your achievements. Secondly, such a familiar atmosphere promises quick abreaction. Thirdly, sports contribute to testing for physical compatibility. What can be considered vulgar harassment if a cafe will be absolutely natural here. Therefore, you will immediately understand whether you like his/her touch and smell. Moreover, nothing reveals the character of a person as his hobbies.

Opposite extremeness – night at the theater

No, not a movie. Theater with live actors and actresses, remember about that?. This is our favorite date idea. Many do not use the theater as a place for dates, because they do not realize what amazing emotions it carries. Definitely better than any movie! If your companion is a creative person, he or she will appreciate the idea.

What about a master class or workshop?

Have you ever been to pottery painting or a cooking class? If not, believe us, this is a really interesting and horizons-broadening activity. And creating something new together unites and creates shared memories. The second date is already in your hands!

Chin up! Look at the sky

The starry night sky can outdo any other prettiness. Take a walk under the night sky in the park or just sit on a bench, enjoying the heavenly beauty. Just sit back and try to count the stars together. Believe us; this is unforgettable. These are the memories that will be with you for long. And if you choose some outskirts where the city lightning is almost absent, you will find yourself in a fairytale.


When it’s warm outside, a river or lake boat ride is a great option. It can be both a boat and a private ship. Such a date perfectly makes it all romantic. But make sure you and your partner can swim. Just in case.


In a global sense, volunteering teaches us to be better, share, think about others and change the world for the better. And, what is more, important in our case, this is a great way to show your half what is important to you. Try to do this together, help homeless animals, spend a day with children or in a nursing home. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to see how your crush behaves with others.


If you or your babe don’t feel uncomfortable in noisy public places, arrange for him or her a picnic in the countryside. Take a blanket, a basket and everything you need. Perhaps it is a relaxed atmosphere and nature that will help the shy person to relax and open his or her heart. The main thing is not to forget the mosquito spray.

Awaken the child in yourself

Whatever adult and mature you are, find a large playground and let your childhood flashbacks outshine. Play hide and seek, ride on a swing, catch up with each other – there are loads of options. Awaken your inner child and give him/her free rein. In our opinion, this is one of the best ways to get to know each other without fear of looking stupid, because at such moments in life we are real. All that bothers us is to hide better or the task is not to be caught.

Amusement park

Oh, this is a lot of fun! First of all, joint joy unites. Challenge your crush in archery, rides, or compete in dancing. The emotions and impressions you get will be unforgettably joyful.

Go to the concert

It does not have to be your favorite band or performer; the point is a live acoustic sound that fascinates absolutely everyone, regardless of musical preferences. But still, it’s better to choose something more neutral, you know, not HMR if you are not such fans.

Now you have it, time to enslave hearts!

You are welcome. xoxo

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