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What is unconditional love? How to understand that this is unconditional love?

Unconditional love or unconditional love without requirements is true love—something you can not buy. Unconditional love is a conscious choice to love despite external obligations. You owe nothing to the partner, and he/she owes nothing to you.

Psychologists argue that only a person who primarily practices unconditional love with himself can have such a relationship. If you know that you are worthy of love and value, first of all, yourself, you will not depend on your partner in the sense of self-esteem.

Signs of unconditional love

  • You recognize your shortcomings, and your partner accepts them.
  • You only tell the truth, even if it is unpleasant.
  • You can forgive.
  • You do not find fault with trifles and try to find the healthiest solution.
  • You do not constantly feel like on an exam because you do not need to prove your love all the time.
  • In the presence of a partner, you can completely relax and be yourself.
  • You are a team in good and dark times.
  • Your partner is always by your side.
  • Your partner does not just listen when you talk about your worries; he/she encourages you to do so.
  • You do not manipulate each other.
  • You show patience and compassion for your partner when he/she is going through difficult times, and you do not know that his/her temporary bad mood needs to be perceived personally.
  • You know that you want to be together for a long time. You want to grow old with your partner and are ready to live together— regardless of what awaits you in the future.

Unfortunately, such love is a rather rare case. However, it is 100 percent worth looking for. We wish you to meet your Mr./Mrs. Right and stay tuned for our new posts.

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