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It seems True Love cannot be confused with anything. You have to feel it. However, this is not always the case. If you cannot understand how you feel, we have prepared a checklist of 10 signs to help you know you are in love.

You are afraid

You understand that your relationship may not last forever. You are afraid that you may lose a dear person, but you are ready to take a chance.

You try to make a good impression

If you are ready to make concessions and make additional efforts to impress your girl-/boyfriend — give her/him a lift on business, although you were going to a bar — it’s time to think it over. If you can put a person’s priorities above your needs, a new feeling has settled in your heart.

You are constantly thinking about this person

“I wonder how he is doing.” “Oh, she would have liked this restaurant.” Frequent thoughts about the crush give you away.

You want to get better

You think more about your shortcomings and want to fix them. Your plan sounds like to get closer to the ideal and win the heart of a girl/boy.

You want this person to be happy

You think not only about yourself and your desires. You are ready to share his/her sorrows and successes, support him/her in a difficult situation. If she is sick, you bring fruit and chicken soup. You wish him/her only good.

You are eager to tell the whole world about your feelings

All your friends already know about him/her, his/her family, and habits. You hold her hand in public and, without hesitation, introduce the person to your friends and acquaintances.

You are ready to take a chance again

After the past relationship, you promised yourself never to start again? After all, it does not end with anything good. Now they have given themselves another chance to find great love.

You are not looking for someone else

If you fall in love, then other people do not represent any romantic interest for you.

You make plans together

And it doesn’t scare you! On the contrary, you are enthusiastic and see old age together.

You know everything about a person (well, or almost everything)

How much you are present in each other’s daily life is a reflection of how serious your relationship is.

If you find several signs in yourself, or maybe all at once – this is official: you, my friend, are in love.

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