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They say the concept of men and women being friends is a little bit foreign to humanity. Probably they are right, and that’s why you are here. 

Users often ask us, “I have a crush on my female friend, should I tell her?” Well, the situation is rather complicated, so don’t make it worse by rushing things. Read the article till the end – we will consider all the possibilities together and share some tips on how to tell your best friend you’re in love with her. 

Consider all options and outcomes

1) You keep your feelings to yourself. You might think it’s the safest option. But it’s actually not. 

It’s not the best option for your mental health and for your relationship with this girl. Your feelings won’t magically disappear, and this inner dissatisfaction will grow and grow… Your friend will definitely notice how strange you behave. As a result, your friendship will be at risk.  

2) You tell her. The better option. Why? The core of any relationship is trust. You should be honest with each other. Otherwise, you are not friends. When you hide your feelings, you lie. You can’t think that it would last forever. 

Plus, you probably can’t read her mind. Maybe she feels something for you as well. By not telling her what you feel, you lose a chance to build the most wonderful serious relationship in your life. 

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At the end of the day, it’s better to regret what you’ve done than what you haven’t.

Ok, suppose you told her. What can be her reaction?

  • She rejects you. Will you lose a friend? Not necessarily. If you put that right, she will react in the right way, too. Of course, you will feel some awkwardness anyway. 
  • She is overwhelmed and needs time to think it over. All you can do here is to wait till she is ready to discuss things.  
  • She has feelings for you too and is glad you told her first. Happy end (beginning). 

So, you have 33,33% that you will get a girlfriend the same day. A good score, by the way!

Now let’s consider what you should do to increase your chances. 

How to behave before you confess your feelings

You kind of prepare your friend for the thought that you might not be only friends.

  • Flirt more. Eye contact, a little bit of teasing (silly nickname, joshing) will work. Add slight touches, strokes, cuddling. Your presence will feel like a boyfriend’s, but still, she will feel comfortable. 
  • Compliment. Girls love compliments. It’s as simple as that. Notice little things like her new hairstyle, her charming smile when she orders croissant and latte macchiato, etc. She will still be sure you are friends, but subconsciously she will be ready to hear what you are going to say to her one day. 
  • See other girls. Don’t let her think she is the only girl in your life. Mob mentality is real, especially if we talk about girls. If she knows you are not an antisocial shut-in and rather popular with girls, that will make you seem attractive in her eyes. A little rift will appear in your friend zone. 
  • Develop your relationship: help her, calm her down when she is upset. You should make sure you take a very special place in her heart. Be there for her. But it doesn’t mean you should always be available. 
  • Pull away sometimes. Don’t look desperate as if you crave her company more than anything else. You have your own life, business, etc. Try not to answer her messages immediately, for example. It sounds harsh, but it will make her not take you for granted. You are with her not only when she wants it but because you want it too. 

Of course, everything should be natural. Playing games and lying is not what real healthy relationships are built on. 

Now you are ready to tell her what you feel. 

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How to tell a woman you like her more than a friend [Tips] 

  • Be honest. As we said, honesty is the best policy. 
  • Don’t use complicated language. Put it simply. We don’t want to give examples as each case is so special and people are different. Plus, we don’t know your communication style. Something like, “I want to be honest, I still like you but more than just a friend.” will be great. 
  • Don’t put pressure on her. Do insist on her answering immediately. She needs to know that you understand how unexpected your words were for her.
  • Suggest your alternatives of how you can both cope with it. And set boundaries. You can say, “I know, you are shocked, you don’t have to reply now, and it is ok if you don’t feel anything to me. But I want you to know that being just your friend is not possible for me anymore.”

Our final word

If you have been asking yourself, “Should I tell my friend I like her?” our opinion is “Sure, you should!”.No risk, no reward, mate. We wish you good luck!

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