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Hollywood made us think that confessing feelings and receiving it is easy while, in reality, it’s not. It’s strange for both sides. When someone says that they like you, it’s a very sensitive situation that sometimes occurs very unexpectedly and takes us by surprise.

We decided to figure out the right thing to do in this situation and how to respond to someone saying they like you. And here is what we concluded.

Are you obliged to respond?

In brief, yes, you have to say something anyway.

The delicacy of this situation lies in the fact that liking is not always mutual, and a person who confesses feelings may not evoke reciprocal feelings in us.

The most important thing to remember in this case is that another person’s confession does not at all oblige us to reciprocate. You don’t have to say “I like you too” if you don’t feel like that.

It is impossible to make a man or a woman fall in love. Everybody knows that, but sometimes they forget.

Nevertheless, such a situation obliges us to at least treat the one who opens up to us with understanding and pay them due attention.

How to respond when someone says they like you

Naturally, the person who spills their guts about what they feel to us hopes for your reciprocal feeling. How can you properly respond to a love confession, especially if the person does not evoke fondness?

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It is necessary to respond in such a way as not to hurt the person because they are in a highly vulnerable situation.

Try to behave calmly – after all, a special intensity and loaded atmosphere will be present anyway.

And in any case, you must make sure that the person is not offended by your reaction.

Can you say nothing?

Remaining silent in this situation is not the best choice, to be honest. A person declared their feelings to you, and your silence will be tactless. It can become painful for this person. There is nothing worse than the unknown.

What should you do in response to a romantic confession? Learn how to respond to a love confession below.

What to say when someone says they like you

There can be 2 variants of how to react when someone likes you, depending on your feelings.

If it’s mutual

That’s the most beautiful situation.

If you like someone who confesses his feelings to you, you will know what to say. Do not try to use difficult grammatical structures, metaphors and so on. At this moment, your admirer expects very little from you – to hear “I like you too.”

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A couple of alternatives:

  • What beautiful words! I like you too!
  • I like you more!
  • Wow, that’s so pleasant to hear. I feel the same!
  • This means a lot to me, thank you. And I like you too!
  • You should know, it’s mutual. I want to get to know you better!

Then kiss.

If it’s not mutual

This scenario is not as great as the first one. How can you express your thoughts correctly? What words should you choose to make it clear that they should not expect mutuality from you?

You may bluntly say that you do not have mutual romantic feelings. However, this should not sound mocking, humiliating. It should not be a sentence – calmly say that you do not feel the same. Maybe that you have friendly feelings, respect.

No matter how hard it is for a person, the most important thing in such a moment is sincerity.

1. Make it clear that you do not want to lie and don’t want them to have any illusions. After all, even a small chance of reciprocity will strengthen their belief that you have mutual feelings. Eventually, it will result in disappointment, which is even more painful.

2. Stay calm as, most likely, this is what your fan needs most at the moment. But it does not mean that you should show your indifference and coldness. A person should be able to count on respectful communication. They need to understand that you are taking their feelings seriously.

If you are caught by surprise, you can also explain it to your mate by saying that you are not sure about your feelings and need some time alone to make the right decision.

You can ask for time. If you cannot find suitable words at the moment. At least you will be sincere.

3. Tell the person about the feelings that you actually have for them. It can be respect, admiration for some particular traits. Make it clear that the person who confessed his love means a lot to you. Describe his attractiveness and give them a gentle, non-binding compliment.

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Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

4. Make it clear that you can continue communication. Say that you appreciate this person and don’t want to stop communicating.

A couple of examples of what to say when a guy says he likes you over text or in-person:

  • I won’t lie. I don’t feel the same for you.
  • I’m not ready to say it’s mutual yet.
  • I need more time to think it over if you don’t mind. But I’m glad you told me.
  • Thank you for telling me, but I like you as a person but don’t see you as a lover.
  • I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t have any romantic feelings for you. But I still appreciate you as a good friend.

What you should not do

What actions or words should you avoid if the person confesses their feelings to you?

1. Don’t make fun of the person. It will be the most humiliating and insulting thing. Such a frivolous attitude can turn these feelings into hatred.

If you do not want to make an enemy, do not laugh at the person who confesses to you.

2. Do not change the topic. Maybe, the person hesitated for a long time before uttering these words. You should not avoid a frank conversation. After all, sooner or later, you will still have to return to it.

3. Do not say such trivialities as “I like you as a friend.” We all know perfectly well that love and friendship are different concepts. It is better to say that you need a person, their support, help, that you appreciate them and feel the need for communication, but this has nothing to do with that romantic love. Separate the two.

4. Don’t disappear. Keep in touch with that person after your conversation. Text and call, show your genuine interest, do not stand aside. This person will really need your support at the moment. If you don’t feel the same, it does not mean that your communication should be stopped. At the moment, a person is very dependent on you and on your words. And your attention can dramatically improve the morale of them.

Now you know how to respond to “I like you”. We hope you enjoyed reading this article!

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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