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A relationship between men and women is quite complex, and messages boost the level of complexity even higher. Every girl will agree that if she likes a guy, then she becomes obsessed with his messages. She consults with her friends on how best to answer and sends dialogue screenshots to them.

So he says he is busy with work. How to react?

Do guys text when they are busy?

That is true, that a busy person may take a little longer to respond than usual. However, when a guy is interested in you and worries about you, he will definitely answer. And not in a week, but as soon as he has the opportunity.

So when he says he’s busy right now, there are 2 options. He might have all hands on deck at work or he doesn’t really care about your relationship.

Is he really busy or losing interest?

If answering your call, he tells politely that he is busy and hangs up, this only means that he really does not have the opportunity to talk to you. But, if he is constantly busy whatever you ask, but at the same time easily finds time for his friends and acquaintances, this is a reason to think and draw conclusions – perhaps the relationship with you is not so important for him as it used to be.

What to do when he is too busy for you?

  1. Say goodbye gently
  2. Put your phone down
  3. Focus on something else.

First of all, excessive obsession only repels people. Secondly, if the guy is really very busy, then he will contact you as soon as he gets free. If he is busy only for you, then you should not waste much time on him.

How do you get a busy man’s attention? How do you make a busy man fall in love with you?

Here are a couple of tricks.

1. Be busy too

Your world shouldn’t just revolve around your man. Live your life and don’t make another person the center of your universe.

2. Be supportive

Do not put pressure on the person when he is already so heavily loaded. Better offer him help or do something nice for him.

3. Don’t be too interested

Some men feel uncomfortable when a woman takes the lead and is very active. Let him do the pushing and not you.

How do you respond when a guy says he’s busy: Examples

#1. “Hey, this is Matt. I work until late today. Maybe we will meet at a bar at 10 pm in my area?”

A girl thinks: Probably a late date is not a good idea. Maybe he’s just busy? Damn, should I go or not?

A man means: I just want to see you, get drunk and, if possible, take you home.

Possible answer: Hmmm, that’s a nice offer, but tomorrow appears to be a hectic day so I want to rest.

#2. “The date yesterday was great. I have a lot to do at work, so I’ll be busy for a couple of weeks.”

A girl thinks: It’s great that he warned me. Perhaps I can adjust to his schedule to make it easier for him.

A man means: If I was very busy, I would have known this already yesterday. But if I really wanted to see you, I would make some effort. There is the second option: yes, I had a really good time, but relationships at this stage are not a priority for me.

Possible answer: I had a great time with you too.

#3. “Hey, how’s it going?” (A week after the date)

A girl thinks: Oh, you haven’t disappeared. Well, I’ll wait a bit and answer. What if he fell in love with me?

A man means: I’m bored now. I just want to ask you how you are doing. I found something more interesting last week, and now I can take you on a second date.

Possible answer: Great! U? (+ if he asks you on a date) Sorry, I’m very busy this week.

#4. “You’re so cool, but I’m not ready for a long-term relationship right now.”

A girl thinks: I will not put pressure on him, maybe he will decide a bit later. He likes me, he’s just not ready for a relationship.

A man means: I’m not ready to devote much time to you. I’m just trying to avoid long-term relationships for now.

Possible answer: I like you but respect your choice. I think I would be very happy in a relationship with you. It’s a pity that nothing came of it.

Some tips from the guys

Yes, it happens that a guy is busy because of work for several weeks. This happens to me all the time. But I’m still a decent person!
Jack, 25, California

Don’t take too long to analyze words. Better judge a person by their actions.
Jeremy, 28, New York

If something bothers you about his text messages, then just call him and ask these questions.
Michael, 26, Georgia

If a man wants to meet with you, he will clarify this. If he doesn’t, then avoiding hanging out with you isn’t just a coincidence.
Kim, 24, New York

Emotions and intonation are difficult to convey through the text. Focus on what is said, not how.
Sean, 29, Brooklyn


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