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Most guys will claim that the Internet is the best thing that has been invented. Now they don’t have to approach girls on the streets, push their luck, meet wrong girls and make mistakes. Social networks and dating websites made dating more painless, effective and MUCH faster.

But there are always a bunch of BUTs: you still need to know how to start a dialog and how to keep a girl interested.

This article will teach you some basics. You will find both theory and examples.

How to start a conversation with a girl

We know a couple of tips on how to hold a conversation with a girl.

✓ Boys, don’t be afraid to text first. Girls love attention anyway. It’s always pleasant to realize that someone noticed you among millions of users.

✓ Keep in mind that saying “Hi, how are you?” won’t get you a girl right in your hands. You need to start a conversation in the right way, you need to think up a way to hold her interest up to your first offline date.

You need to say something that would drive a girl’s immediate reaction – say something about her profile picture, make a compliment (but not a banal you’re beautiful), ask about where the photos were taken.

✓ ALWAYS check your text for mistakes. There is nothing more repulsive than an illiterate person.

✓ Use your sense of humor. If your convo is getting boring, that’s a bad sign – you are doing something wrong. No need to turn into a clown but a couple of jokes or sarcastic phrases will definitely work well.

✓ Show her your interest but don’t grill her with lots of questions. Tell her a little about yourself as well.

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A couple of conversation starters:

  • Hi. You have such a charming smile in this photo I couldn’t pass by! 
  • Today is such a wonderful day that I cannot leave you in a bad mood. 
  • I’m tired of waiting for you to write first. Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful day!
  • Just saw you love surfing. What’s your favorite place for it? My love is O‘ahu.

How to keep the convo going with a girl

Speak about hobbies, new things you’ve learned, your plans. This way, you can find common ground with this girl. Later, you can build your communication based on this knowledge. It will happen naturally.

To learn how to continue a conversation with a girl, you need to understand what she likes to talk about.

Most guys don’t understand one simple truth: Girls offer you topics that they want to talk about themselves. You just need to listen to them closely.  You will understand how to keep a conversation going.

If she mentions her job, ask her about her job duties and her usual working day goes. If she tells you about other countries, ask what her fav place is and tel what’s yours, etc.

Listening carefully, delving into – it is a huge point to your attractiveness.

By doing this, you show her that you not only hear her, but also see a deeper meaning of what she is saying.

And a caring man is exactly what many girls want.

What to remember while having a conversation with a girl

  1. Know when to stop the convo 

The main rule at this point is to continue the conversation only with the girl who is sincerely interested in you.

You do not need to insist on chatting if she tries to avoid answers, or sends you short, monosyllabic messages and does not show any interest in you.

There is no point in continuing the conversation with this girl. You will only waste your time, and as a result, you will feel defeated and rejected.

So why endure such suffering if there is probably a girl who really wants to talk to you, and you can easily find her on Tune2Love?

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  1. Show the real you

When you talk to a girl and feel a strong mutual attraction for her, which you are afraid to spoil, it is easy to automatically switch to the “filtering” mode.

You try to exclude any thoughts that may seem inappropriate, vulgar, or uninteresting to her.

You think that if you say something stupid, boring, inappropriate now, she will immediately lose interest in you and no longer want to communicate.

Therein lies the huge problem with this way of thinking: If you constantly filter your ideas, the conversation will not work. How can you communicate if you are afraid to express your thoughts?

Even if you tell her something stupid, there is nothing wrong with that. You need the girl to recognize the real you, with all your stupidity, tediousness and spontaneity.

Therefore, express your real thoughts, even if your filter suggests that they are “wrong.”

This advice really works, be sure to try to be sincere – any girl will like to communicate with a guy who is so free from complexes and confident in himself that he can calmly say everything that is on his mind.

How to have a conversation with a girl summary

Here is what you should learn from this post:

  1. Don’t be afraid to text first.
  2. Start a conversation in the right way: mention her picture, ask about her hobby, make a creative compliment.
  3. Check your text for mistakes.
  4. Use your sense of humor.
  5. Show her your interest but don’t grill her with lots of questions.
  6. Be a good listener: Find common ground and learn what she likes to talk about.
  7. Know when to stop/continue the conversation
  8. Be yourself, don’t filter your thoughts.

Now you know how to make conversation with a girl. If you know more tips, your comments are welcome!

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