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Men aren’t as eloquent as we want them to be. So the only way we can find out about their feelings is to study their body language. 

There are a number of signs that a man is attracted to somebody. Their stance, gaze, how he turns his head, and where he stands – all that can point to his attitude towards you. Now let’s get straight to all the 25 peculiarities of men’s body language when they’re in love.

Body language of men

We gathered 25 points describing the body language of men that like you. 

  1. Open pose

Legs shoulder-width apart, shoulders relaxed, arms and hands are not crossed, and the jaw is relaxed. An open pose is a sign that he is comfortable with you.

  1. Hands in sight

If he doesn’t hide his hands in his pockets or behind his back, this is another sign of openness.

  1. Head tilt

People involuntarily tilt your head when listening to an interesting lecture or looking at a beautiful picture. The same thing happens when we look at people we like. 

  1. Manners

He’s probably just well-mannered, but how nice it is when he opens the door or helps you carry bags. And not because you cannot, but because it is a sign of attention and care.

  1. Sweaty hands

Either this is his usual state, or he just washed his hands, or he is nervous in your presence, which may indicate a hidden affection.

  1. Touches

Ah, those innocent touching of hands when he hands you salt or the crush on the subway that makes you snuggle up! When a guy touches your hand more often than he should, it’s likely he likes you.

  1. Plays with clothes

When we are nervous, the fingers themselves go into some kind of wild awkward dance. We begin to sort out the fringe on the scarf, play with the tip of the tie, straighten the lapels of the shirt, and remove the specks of dust from his T-shirt. 

  1. Hitch in words or incoherent speech

You’ve probably;y experienced that too – you slur your speech when trying to say something cool to the object of sympathy. Guys are no exception, and no tongue twisters will help here. Just make sure that he talks this way to you only, and does not have speech defects in general.

  1. Blush

If he hasn’t drunk five shots of espresso in a row, flushed cheeks indicate embarrassment and sympathy.

  1. Personal space invasion

On the subway, at concerts, during a conversation – he cannot resist, he wants to come even closer to you. 

  1. Large pupils

Dilated pupils are the brain’s reaction to things that attract us. Everybody knows the fact.

  1. Raised eyebrows

This way he shows that he is interested in what you are saying. Yep, that’s male body language. 

  1. Open wide smile

A smile of a small child, with eyes narrowed in pleasure, a raised forehead. It is a sign that he feels good with you and that he finds your jokes amusing.

  1. He licks his lips

When we are attracted to something, the body itself begins to produce a large amount of saliva. However, he may not be thinking about you, but about a burger.

  1. Looks in the eyes

In an era where we are constantly staring at screens, gazing into the eyes is a luxury. If he spends such value on you, then you are definitely his sweetheart.

  1. Deep breath

Yes, men need oxygen too. With a deep breath, the lungs fill, the chest expands, which makes the upper body visually larger. They say that this makes the guy look evolutionarily more attractive. Overall, it’s true: Breathing guy = handsome guy.

  1. Leaning forward while talking

Probably, there is no alternative in a noisy bar, and in any case, you will be sitting, leaning towards each other so as not to miss a word. But if you’re sitting in a coffee shop and he leans forward anyway, he probably likes you. 

  1. Hands on hips, elbows to the side

The guy gets into a pose, takes up more space, and as if saying, “This air is mine, this space is mine, this girl is mine.”

  1. Spread legs

Does he sit pushing his pelvis forward when he is with you? This is a sexy pose that exposes the most delicate parts of the body. 

  1. He doesn’t look at his phone

If a guy listens to you without being distracted by messages and updates in the game, he definitely has a crush on you. Really, do you know how rare it happens with modern people?

  1. Low voice

He probably wants to appear more masculine, and a low voice is one of the signs of masculinity. 

  1. He touches his throat

This is a vulnerable and sensitive part, and if the guy touches his Adam’s apple, he may want to be kissed there. Or he shaved badly, but one does not exclude the other.

  1. Contact with the forearm

Hands are too intimate. Small shoulder bumps are a small bridge between no physical contact and skin-to-skin contact.

  1. He tries to be as close as possible

He sits not opposite, but next to you? It means he is interested. 

  1. He says he likes you

Not really body language, but it’s an unmistakable sign. When a guy says he’s attracted to you, he either is a manipulative devil or he says the truth. 

Now you know a thing or two about reading male body language. We hope it will come in handy!

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