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If you want a relationship, it doesn’t always mean you are ready for it.

When every soul around you is in a relationship, you may ask yourself, “When is my turn? When will I find love?”

The society daily reminds us that we should start dating from a certain age, make love from a certain age, marry, and have children at a certain moment. And if you are still alone and do not reach these milestones created by society, it says, “Dude, something is wrong with you.”

But there is a reason why you have not found true love … for now. Just ask yourself whether you are ready for this. As relationships are not just smooching and living together, it’s much more. 

  1. You are desperate

Despair is one of the most obvious signs that shows that you are not ready for a relationship. When you are too desperate to find someone, it is likely that it will be a terrible choice. Being in despair, you will be in a hurry, and you will not notice bad omens. 

  1. You choose the “wrong” person. Again and again

If you always choose the wrong people, the problem is not your failure, but your strategy. Instead of trying to find someone to fix your inner condition, you need to stop and find out why you are making the same mistake again and again.

  1. You are looking for love, not a future partner

People who build relationships because they want to be loved tend to sacrifice many of their own important needs in order to receive love as quickly as possible. The result is the ever-wrong choice that destroys your life. Look for a partner, for some traits and qualities. 

  1. You’ve just broken up

Most of us need time to recover after a painful breakup and understand our life lessons. People who quickly move from one relationship to another never give themselves time to realize their past mistakes, do not understand how to choose a man or woman for a relationship, and as a result, ultimately fail again.

  1. You cannot live without a relationship

People who cannot be alone even for a short time are dependent on love and seek it in order to start feeling better. They are always looking for someone to fill emotional gaps, even if someone is not the best choice. Dependence on love is like an addiction: someone uses substances to forget about impending life problems, rather than courageously try to solve them.

  1. You do it because the time has come

Many people try to build relationships because they feel that time is running out. Once they reach a certain age, they quickly begin a new relationship so as not to be late, but the consequences are usually terrible. The right time for marriage varies from person to person, and trying to rush things leads only to the wrong choice.

  1. You have no idea what you really want

If you don’t know yourself enough and don’t imagine why you fall in love with one particular type of person and not another, then you need to stop and get to know yourself first. You can make the right choice if you know your real needs.

So what do you think? Are you ready for a healthy, full of love and respect relationship? There is no right or wrong answer. Just act the way you feel! But to make sure, read about 8 signs that you Are ready for a relationship!

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