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Women cheat rarely. Usually, that’s not a random event but a well-considered decision. How to detect that your woman is going to cheat on you?

Statistics and opinions of psychologists on the topic suggest that female adultery is a clear sign of trouble in marriage. It is believed that the vast majority of men who cheat consider their marriage successful, while women, to the contrary, feel that the marriage failed.

1. She strives for privacy or has secrets

Women don’t like to keep secrets. They love to take them for rent, and then without regret, even with pleasure, part with them. So, if a girl stopped telling you the intimate biography of her friends, it’s time to reflect. You were deleted from the list of people with whom she wants to share the secret. Why?

2. She stops speaking about your future together

If she builds plans but doesn’t include you in them, the fit hits the shan. For instance, if earlier, before Christmas she used to tell you, “I’m gonna cook the best dish ever, so be prepared, boy” and now she keeps silence, maybe that’s the sign that she’s going to spend the day without you.

3. She doesn’t want to kiss you

Sex is not a factor of happy relationships, as many people are convinced. Sure, if your girl ignores you sexually, everything is worse than death. But the first sign of brushing off is the girl’s unwillingness to kiss and hug. For girls, smooching and cuddling are extremely important; sometimes even more important than sex! After all, sex is more a mechanical action (especially with time). But kisses and hugs— yes, this is the greatest extent of intimacy. So, keep both eyes open!

4. She is not eager to spend time with your friends

Probably, when you only started your relationship, her eyes sparkled when you offered to go out with your fellows. The girl found them amazing people, she dressed up, joked and giggled, and then told how cool your fellows were. Now, if you give a hint about a joint trip to Las Vegas, she has a good reason not to go? Maybe she is disappointed in you and your friends and doesn’t what to hang out together anymore. 

5. She doesn’t spend time with you

If she avoids hanging around with you, that means that you do not turn her crank. She is not interested in your company as it was before. Probably, she met somebody who just took your place. 

6. She stops inviting you to her “gang”

Just like her unwillingness to go out with you and your friends, she doesn’t want you to spend time with her friends and parents. That happens when you lose the mental and physical connection, the bound. 

7. She kicks up noise

Of course, you niggle over some stuff before, then kissed and made up. Make-up sex was a finale. Now everything has changed? That’s a severe problem. She began to hit where it hurts: your salary, relationship with your mom, a short stature. In a word, she makes you feel shame and fear. She is no longer hesitant to hurt you once and for all. Or maybe even striving for this. 

8. She doesn’t kick up noise at all

It can happen the other way around: the girl stops caring about you and your failures. It would seem that this should please you: finally, you can store unpaired socks under the bed and get no blow-up for it! Why not enjoy it? Most likely, her indifference is a sign that everything is going to be drastic. She doesn’t see you in her life anymore, which means that she doesn’t think of you much. 

9. She takes a stand for independence

Previously, she didn’t mind when you put your pans in her drawer or jumped into the shower after her. Now the girl is strictly reporting to you for what she calls for some reason “a violation of her personal space.” Watch out, the desire for separate parting may gradually translate into the desire for a global bust-up.

That’s how it happens. If you noticed those signs, it’s high time to talk to your girl. Maybe it’s not over yet! Stay lucky!


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