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How do you know if someone is the one? If you are in relationships you heard this question from your friends and family or even ask yourself about it. We all need to be sure of our choice, but no one else can answer it instead of us. We gathered several early signs you’ve met the one. Check them to compare do these statements describe your relationship or not?

#1. Your relationships are already happy, there is nothing to prevent your happiness

It means you don’t need anything else to be happy with your partner, you don’t need to wait or change something. For example, “we will be happy when we would make more money/ when he or she will give up smoking/ forget her or his ex, etc. When you solve this problem, you will get another one or understand that you are still unhappy.

Your relationship depends on you two and nothing more. So, if you don’t feel good with this person, maybe you shouldn’t be together?

#2. You shouldn’t change for your partner

Your partner loves who you are, the real you. You shouldn’t try to impress him or her and pretend to be more sexy, smart, or cheerful. You are perfect for your partner, and he/she likes you for who you are. Your “the one” person never told you to change something in your appearance, he or she is proud of you. It sounds nice, isn’t it?

#3. You can manage your conflicts

If you both are honest in relationships and talk about what you need and what you want, sometimes your interests can differ and be a reason for a fight. If your relationships are strong and healthy, you respect each other and can find a common language with your partner. Remember, your conflict shouldn’t include verbal abusing or throwing things.

#4. Your partner’s routine life is interesting for you

If your partner is “the one”, her of him routine life is interesting for you, you like stories about their childhood, family, pets, etc. You want to know small details of his or her life and don’t think that it is boring to look at her/his old photos with his parents. When you don’t ask, how was her/his day, there are two variations: you are a selfish person or it is not your better half.

#5. There is no drama in your couple

The drama in relationships can be interesting only if it is a film. When one of you is too emotional and manipulates the other with the help of tears or harsh words it is a sign of not healthy relationships and it couldn’t last for a long time. But if you want to say sorry when you are wrong, can listen to your partner and appreciate her/his good points, your couple will be strong and happy. You try to work on yourself for your “the one”.

#6. Your family share your vision of your partner

Sometimes love makes us blind and we don’t want to notice obvious things and don’t listen to our friends and relatives who try to show the truth. So, when they share your vision of your partner that he or she is a good person and you are perfectly matching each other, it is a good sign. Of course, it’s isn’t about the situation, when your parents dream about your marriage with someone else, for example, with the son or the daughter of their old friends or business partners.  

#7. You can make him or her happy

The main goal of the relationship is to make each other happy. Think about what makes your partner feel happy and how good you know each other. It means that between soulmates is a special deep connection, they can comfort, relax, or cheer up each other. You should trust each other, share your dreams and desires, support in difficult situations. As they say, “in sickness and in health”. So, if you don’t know how much sugar in your partner’s coffee and don’t sure that he or she knows it about you, it is a bad sign.

#8. Your priorities much up

Make sure that your life goals don’t contradict each other. Don’t think that you can make your partner change her/his goal or give up your dream to be together, doing so you both wouldn’t be happy. For example, you dreaming about big city life with a career in the first place and your partner’s dream is a quiet life in the countryside with three children and a barbecue with neighbors on Saturdays or all he/she needs in enough money for a party or trending outfit. Your “the one” person shares your priorities right now and is ready to help you with achieving the goal.

#9. You respect him or her

Healthy relationships are not only about passion and love but also about respect. Mutual respect is a foundation of all people’s relations, so you should respect his/her opinions, actions, and way of life. Don’t try to enforce something to your partner, don’t question his/her decisions. Remember, one day he or she also chose you. 

Congratulations, if you answered “yes” in front of every point from this listing,  you are really met “the one”! And don’t give up, if you don’t, maybe you just need more time or maybe you will meet such a person tomorrow.

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