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Before you settle down with a successful marriage full of love and 5 kids, try the stuff below.

Otherwise, you will regret that you haven’t tried everything you could!

1. Casual sex

You will never see him or her again, you should not listen to his silly stories or her complains about the old shoes and pretend to be interested. A dark place, music, and passionate sex. Do not expect this from yourself? You will like new emotions. But, girls, do not approach this like ‘oh gods, I am slutty,’ due to your feminine nature. And boys, do not make a habit of it.

2. Swing

An exchange of partners will either strengthen your relationship or destroy it. The risk from the result is enormous. You cannot know how you will feel and how the situation will turn. This is what gives such a sharp piquancy to your sensations.

3. Blindfold sex

Blindfolded sex should be made with the partner you trust completely. The unknown always excites, and if he or she uses some auxiliary means, such as ice, a vibrator, or feathers, for instance, you will like it even more.

4. Shopping in an ‘adult’ store

Are you embarrassed and afraid even to step on the threshold of a sex shop? No need to blush, you are not a schoolgirl or boy. There is the mysterious world of your fantasies on those square meters behind the door. Choose any toy you want with a face as if you were picking vegetables in a supermarket.

5. Sex with a virgin

This experience can be included in the list of the most fun experiences, especially for girls. Just do not mock at the man who was seduced and shamelessly stepped into your bed. This night, the dominant role goes to you; women usually do not experience such sensations during sex. You are almost a deity for him because you open your body and all the secrets of women. The feeling of omnipotence is priceless.

6. Find the third one

Two is a company; three is a good company. For one night. People say it brings intense sensations. This ‘method’ has many advantages, but there is one ‘but’—you can be trapped in this triangle choosing between feelings and sensations.

7. Tantric sex

It is practiced by exalted spiritual personalities. Sex is for pleasure but not for orgasm. This is ideal for those who do not pursue a quick orgasm but love to anticipate the process and enjoy it thoughtfully.

Tantric sex became popular because of Sting, who once said about a seven-hour love marathon with his wife. Later, he explained: these seven hours included a dinner and TV viewing. And that sounds more like the truth. In fact, in tantric sex, sexual intercourse takes from 15 minutes for beginners to 2-3 hours for experienced marathoners.

8. Roleplay

No, this is not only for a 20-year-married couple who lost the passion. Nurse, stripper, teacher—this is boring and outdated. Now anime and characters of Japanese cartoons are the thing. Moreover, haven’t you dreamt of conquering Hollywood with your talent?

9. Sexting

Sexting is a kind of intimate messaging. Try to turn on your beloved remotely and in the evening. A completely different person, whose first thought will be to drag you into bed, will return from work or study.

10. Sex in front of the mirror

Making love in front of a mirror is embarrassing. No, by no means. Only bold young ladies and narcissists will undertake such a venture. By the way, to get all the piquancy of sensations, it is not necessary to be in perfect shape. Enjoy what you see in the mirror—two people in love.

And the last thing…

Ample sexual experience is acquired not through the vast number of partners, but by the desire and willingness to experiment and develop yourself. If you want to experience extreme sexual pleasure, try to cross out all the points from this checklist!


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