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“I can’t stop thinking about him or her!” , “All my relationships are unhappy”: no doubt, you heard these words from your friends or even said them yourself. It looks like we are wired to be with a certain kind of people despite all our negative experiences. A big problem of humanity lies in the fact that not everything we want we really need. If you think that it is your subconscious, want to end the cycle, and search for answers on how to stop being attracted to someone we offer you several tips on how to do it.

The most simple way to do it is to re-focus and change your current thoughts about this person with thoughts about something else. If you understand that you don’t need to think about this person and you should heal, figure out what attracts you in this personality. 

#1. Find out what is the nature of your attraction

If its attraction is physical, the answer is obvious but if it is emotional, we will search for reasons:

  • you think that he or she is more likable, happier or better in something than you and want to be like them, so try to stay together;
  • you see that the person is cool and interesting, has some status and is proud of his or her attention;
  • the person doesn’t show any interest in you, so you want to win over his or her heart;
  • you see that the person feels depressed, sad, or had a bad time and try to save him or her.

There are the most popular reasons but you can feel something else. Whatever the reasons you had, you need to work on them.

#2. Try to replace all your thoughts 

You should replace your romantic or sexual thought with a little negative. Focus on reality, nor fantasy. For example, when you hear his or he name, think something like that: 

  • I’m not going to chase any person.
  • Yes, he or she looks gorgeous but inside it isn’t true.
  • I deserve to be with somebody who will make me feel more secure and confident, take care of me.
  • I realize that he or she attracts me, but it isn’t what I need.

Doing this you can detach from the wrong person and reprogram your mind more healthily.

#3. Think about your friends’ qualities

Your friends are always supporting you and take care, you have a good time together so think about their qualities. What do you like about your friends? How do they treat you? How do you feel about them? You should figure out why your criteria for choosing friends and partners are so different. Try to search for people with the same character for your relationships, it is your way to be happy.

#4. Time to keep the diary

It is a popular practice: if something is bothering you, you should write about it. Doing so, you are organizing your thoughts and can find the hidden reason for your behavior. Describe your romantic preferences and what makes you do such a choice. Maybe, it is a model of relationships between your parents? Your self-esteem is fragile? You don’t believe in love and sure that your partner will betray or disappoint you? Your thoughts, written on paper, will help you sort yourself out and change negative moments.

#5. Everything should be in place

It is your last question: Where do you searching for love? You shouldn’t find a beloved and caring partner if you are looking for her or him in the wrong places. If you heard happy and unbelievable romantic stories, this is an exception to the rule and there is no guarantee for your success.

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