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Relationship problems emerge sometimes due to lack of sex, and sometimes due to its excess. Having sex against your will negatively affects your emotional state. The goal of anyone stuck in this pattern is to stop having sex when he/she doesn’t want to, and lowering the frequency of sexual intercourse every week is a good start. Yes, with a high probability this will provoke problems in the relationship. However, they are all solvable.

Why does anyone want too much sex?

Often the reason is a dysfunctional emotional need.

The desire to have sex does not depend on gender. Periodically wanting an intimate relationship is normal, but the constant desire is a problem. Many people with this problem do this because of increased anxiety. These people use sex to regulate their mood because they cannot regulate it otherwise. For them, sex is primarily able to improve their well-being and is not part of the relationship. In most cases, when one person forces another to have sex, it becomes a kind of drug on which he/she becomes addicted.

If you have sex with your partner under compulsion, then you are only a physical solution to his/her problem. Do not be fooled into believing that her insatiable sexual attraction is a reflection of the fact that he loves you so much.

If you are in a relationship with someone who wants sex all the time, this problem will cause serious problems, and usually, this is not something you can solve on your own.

What to do?

  • Contact a specialist
  • Do special exercises
  • Work out your emotional problems

Hopefully, you find a solution to your problem and stay tuned for our new posts!

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