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Scholars claim love comes with the 14th date. Interesting.

According to statistics, 

  • two dates are required for the partners to kiss for the first time,
  • the first intimate contact occurs on the fourth date or two weeks after meeting. 
  • after six dates (three weeks), the partners decide to introduce each other to their friends,
  • after another six dates (six weeks in total), a man is introduced to the parents of a girl and vice versa.

But are our lives just numbers? No, sir. Each relationship develops in a different way. It depends on people, and that’s why it’s so complicated to name the exact number of dates before a true relationship starts. So, from what moment should you consider to be a couple with your partner then? 

  1. A woman is in a relationship when it is voiced

Yes, that’s so simple. “I love you, let’s go out” is a policy statement. But love confession is not an obligatory reference point. I want to be with you – quite enough, too. 

There should always be a statement from a man. If he says, “I’m not ready yet, I’m disappointed with the past relationship, I’m not sure” and so on – no need to continue. He is not ready yet and you are not a couple. Maybe that will change one day. But now, face the truth.

  1. Sex is not a reference point

Alas. Even if you are so well-bred that for you sex is only out of love. There is no guarantee that he thinks the same way. This is just good sex. Even if he says the opposite. With time, you will find out the truth.

  1. You are interested in each other’s lives

And that feeling does not disappear. You call back if cannot answer. You call without reason, just to hear each other’s voices. 

Important: you do not just speak, you do. In general, people in a relationship want to do as much as possible for each other! 

If there is no action, only talks, there is no relationship.

  1. You take responsibility

This is certainly about actions. A man wants to take care of his woman. A woman wants to take care of her man. That’s mutual voluntarily taken responsibility.  

  1. You has compatibility, there is a desire to devote yourself to this person

You look at each other with dumb enthusiasm, do not hide from friends and relatives. Because with a loved one you want to share your pleasure and sadness. Your small world. Otherwise, it’s just hormones.

  1. There are no third parties around — no micro-cheating

No exes, no other boys and girls. They do not exist. Your bae is the only person in the world you see. That means you do not continue with Tinder, you do not like other boys/girls on Instagram — yeah, that’s nothing, by still it’s telling. 

We hope this article helped you to figure out the issue so that you can finally start enjoying your budding relationship! xoxo

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