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We decided to find out what advantages you get if you give up on sex. Here is what we’ve discovered.

Platonic love can remind somebody of Dante and Petrarch; for others, it will be similar to coffee without caffeine or vegetarian pizza — almost the same thing, but of another taste. We decided to explore the platonic relationship and find out whether there are some benefits.

What is platonic love?

The term Platonic Love appeared in ancient times and came from the name of its founder — Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher and writer. Plato believed that love is diverse and introduced the concept of platonic love that excludes physical contact.

Platonic love definition in the contemporary context: an elevated relationship based on spiritual attraction and romantic love that does not presuppose physical attraction.

Let’s be honest, a lot of women, having read tons of classic novels, associate platonic love with teenage romances. What else can be more innocent and purer than the spiritual attraction between two souls? And do we really need to poison such relationships with trivial physiology? Men associate it mainly with the friend zone.

Of course, platonic relationships have the right to exist — when both partners are satisfied with their mental connection, that’s awesome. That’s their conscious choice.

Whatever people say, there are some pros of purely platonic love that people should consider while making their minds on the type of relationships they would like to have.

Signs of platonic love

It does not matter if there is no sexual attraction at all (asexuality) or it is deliberately suppressed. Plus, in psychology, there are no clear boundaries for this type of feelings or physiological experiences – whether foreplay, kisses, and other caresses are allowed or not.

What we can claim for sure is that people who are in a platonic relationship value spiritual values ??above all. Conversations, each other’s interests, walks, romance, and in some ways – friendship.

There is a list of possible motives:

  • Eastern or some local traditions. Some religious and traditional prescriptions prohibit sexual intercourse before marriage, so young lovers who honor the rules can love each other without having sex.
  • Asexuality and voluntary refusal to have sex. There can be many reasons for such a decision: an unpleasant sexual experience or even violence, a vow of celibacy, given for various convictions, a biological lack of attraction.
  • Psychological or physiological diseases that interfere with intimacy can be the reason for a complete rejection of sensual relationships.
  • Unrequited love. This is the most common option when one person is in love, and the other does not reciprocate and perceives them only as a friend. Being in the friend zone, you cannot allow yourself more than a platonic connection.
  • Fear for deteriorating relationships. It happens that romance and sublime feelings are so pleasant and all-encompassing that a girl is afraid to lose such spiritual intimacy, to spoil everything with sexual desires. Then she deliberately continues to delay the moment, sometimes even replacing it.
  • Depending on the reason for asexuality, a person entering into this type of contact either does not need physical love at all, or comes up with substitution actions, that is, the sublimation of his own sexual energy.

9 benefits of a platonic romance

#1. No risk of STD

One of the biggest problems arising as a consequence of promiscuous life is a bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). This is not only about the notorious AIDS but also about gonorrhea, hepatitis, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, and many others. So, if you are in relationships that exclude physical contact, you do not have to bother about this aspect of your health.

#2. No unwanted pregnancy

Of course, pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the most wonderful events in life—but only if you are ready for it. An unwanted pregnancy can bring a lot of problems and disappointments to your life. Having a purely platonic relationship, a person does not need to worry about this issue: no sex, no pregnancy, no worries. You can live for yourself! And that’s amazing, isn’t it?

#3. No doubts

You are free from the eternal companions of romantic and sexual relations — doubt, jealousy, difficulties, and dissatisfaction. Sad, but this is true.

#4. Your relationship is more solid

Platonic relationships endure over time. You trust each other and you have a lot of things in common — spiritually, emotionally, and in terms of shared experiences. There is even a much stronger connection between you than between partners.

#5. You can be yourself

There is no need to play a role to impress your partner. You can share your thoughts and feelings with no fear of embarrassment.

#6. You have a real shoulder

You always have someone to ask for sincere, bold, and straightforward advice and a shoulder to cry on. The platonic relationship between a man and a woman, as a rule, is devoid of the unspoken spirit of rivalry or, vice versa, the tendency to adapt to each other if we talk about the friendship between people of the same sex.

#7. You understand sexes better

It serves as an excellent and safe way for your “senses” to get to know the opposite sex better. In addition, you both benefit from the fact that you can look at difficulties in relationships with other people from the perspective of the opposite sex.

#8. Your character gets stronger

The wise who lived many centuries ago knew that abstinence helps people shape characters. So it really does. Chastity can help you to develop yourself as a person and come to an understanding of your true life purpose. Some people believe that sexual impulses make a person’s mind weak. By refraining from sexual temptations, you can focus on your life goals better.

#9. You get freedom

Some people believe in no-strings relationships, but they live in obscurity since there is no such thing as sex without obligation in our world — not in the world of people. Any sexual relationship carries with it some expectations, some responsibility, and some problems. Truly free and independent ones are those who are not burdened with sexual contact. Next time you will be dissatisfied with the lack of sex, remember how much freedom abstinence gives you. Rejoice in this freedom!

Can a platonic relationship turn into a non-platonic?

It depends on the reason why you have a platonic relationship.

If you are just friends, one day, you may notice how your flirting becomes more obvious. And then your friendship can become a romance.

Unrequited love can become mutual.

People can deal with their psychological issues and maybe one day they will start craving sexual experiences.

Everything depends on the choices two people make.

Any relationship is beautiful if there is love in it. So the only thing we can advise you here is to love each other deeply.

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