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“He bought me Alex McQueen and took the tickets to the stalls. He seems to love me.” It seems that in this case, there should be only one thing – wooing. For what purpose – you need to figure it out. But do not fantasize about his hidden feelings. Girls love to do that. Their imagination takes them far far away from reality sometimes. Often – in the opposite direction from the truth. You think that he cannot live without you, and it’s convenient for him to live with you. In the question of whether a man loves you, you need to rely on the facts.

There are 7 facts. Take a look!

Need for communication 

Guys are basically “silent.” But having fallen in love, these silent people are ready to grind their tongue with the enthusiasm of a professional speaker. They pursue a clear goal— to show themselves and find out something about you. 

A guy will present himself well. You will learn about everything starting with kindergarten letters of recognition to talents to inflate balloons instantly. 

And be ready for cross-questioning. Falling in love is the very moment when a guy is interested in you with the curiosity of a scientist. That’s real magic.

The desire to care

Love, besides words, is also a deed. His participation in your life is directly proportional to the quality of love. A loving guy will not let you freeze, dry, stay hungry. 

He will take your cat to the vet, screw in a blown bulb, repair the tap, sometimes repay the loan, etc.  

In general, everything will be resolved, organized, and decided. So beneficial to have one loving man at hand.

The feeling of ownership 

The possessive instinct is rooted in the animal kingdom and has, like other instincts, the right to exist. Moreover, it is it that determines the essence of the relationship of a man to a woman. 

A man is always ready to explain to another man to whom this girl belongs. A man is always ready to explain that to the girl who is too long for another man, too. It’s trite, but close to the point – jealous means love because a man in love is a wild Moor, not an indifferent amoeba. 

Full immersion 

Laying claim to you is not only playing Othello but also appearing in public with you as if saying, “She is mine”.

He doesn’t hesitate to introduce you to his friends and even parents. A man who loves would never think of going to a party without you or introduce you as a work colleague. Communication in the style of “you are my secret devotion” bodes no good.

Priority attitude 

A man who loves is a man who has time. ‘I had no time’ is not this case. Being in love, even a goodwill ambassador on the African continent will find time for you in his schedule. Because you are a priority.

Motivation to grow

Suddenly, he began to engage in sports. Stopped smoking. Bought a couple of new suits. Went to the barbershop. Started to attend courses of Chinese. Everything can cross the mind of a man in love.


If a man is in love, he tries to agree with you on everything, listens to your opinion, tries to support. He cares about everything you worry about.

Every little thing you said is of great importance to him. For example, if you mentioned that you caught a cold, he immediately brings you fruits and makes sure that you dress warmly.

See now? When a man is in love, magic happens, no doubt. But, of course, it is worth remembering that each man is an individual! And everyone has their own manifestations of love.

One can behave arrogantly and attract attention with sparkling humor, while another one can be completely serious or even embarrassed. The main thing is to listen to your intuition — you will understand when a man is in love with you.

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