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Desperation can be part of our life. It isn’t something rare. We can feel pressure coming from our relatives or society. We also can get tired of being single for too long or be passionately dreaming of a happy romantic relationship. 

Though being honest about your feelings is always a good idea, it would be better not to show your desperation and excitement on the first date. A desperate person doesn’t look attractive but repulsive and becomes uninteresting for their dates. 

We gathered several signs of a desperate man. Check this list below.

Signs of a desperate man

#1. A needy man is always ready for a date

It means that you shouldn’t change your plans because somebody asks you out on a date. Your time is also important. 

Imagine a situation: you met someone special and had a date. It was gorgeous, but they stayed silent for a week and now ask for dinner in one hour.  

Don’t get your hopes up; it looks like this persoт needs you for lack of a better choice. Of course, there can be a better explanation: they were busy at work but finished all deals earlier than expected. 

Whatever the reason is, you shouldn’t say Yes with cries of joy, “I’m so happy, pick me right now!” even if you think so. It is a sign of a desperate person. 

You should respect each other’s time. If you don’t have any plans and an hour is enough for your preparation, you can agree, but comment on this situation, “Usually I am busy at that time, but today I have free time so we can meet.” If you don’t like such an invitation, you can say, “I don’t accept such unplanned invitations from an unknown person. I expected several days for your call!”. You also can say, “I’m sorry, I have plans, but we can meet tomorrow or another day.” 

#2. Desperate guys are obsessive

It means that desperate men or women try to focus all their partner’s attention on themselves. They are afraid to lose that person and don’t believe that they can find another one. So, they may seem too curious with all these questions “What did you do last evening?”, “Who did you go to dinner with?”, “Who called you?” etc. They try to accompany their partner everywhere, even control them. Nobody likes jealous people; this can be the way to nowhere.  

#3. They track relationship status

Desperate people talk about their relationships too much. They need to be sure of their common future with a partner. They discuss every stage where you are now in relationships and try to speed up their development. Such pressure can scare the partner, but a desperate person doesn’t see what is wrong with such behavior.

#4. They hunt for compliments

Desperate people need permanent support and proof that they deserve their partners’ love. Compliments help them feel better, so such kinds of people start to hunt for them. The simplest way to get compliments is self-deprecation: “I look awful!”, “I think I’m getting fat,” “This hairstyle doesn’t suit me.” Saying so, desperate people expect that their partners will start to convince them otherwise. 

Another way is to ask directly, “Do you like my new iPhone?”, “What do you think, am I handsome?”

Also, it can be a gesture when they enter the room and wait for attention and compliment. It is a sign not only of a desperate but insecure person.

#5. Needy guys forget about their friends

Desperate people can give up friends. They will do everything to remove all barriers on their way, even if it is their friends. It is horrible for both people: one partner feels like they are the center of the universe, and such feelings create pressure. Desperate partners reject trips or dinners with friends to spend more time with a beloved person. Doing so, they abandon their life and interests and also expect the same actions from their partners. 

#6. They lower their standards

Desperate people don’t believe that they can meet someone who suits their requirements. So, they cross off the list of needed features of character, education, or social level that was important before. They don’t listen to the intuition that tries to convince them.

It is a smart decision if you make a shorter list of expectations, but basic things such as honesty, stability, respect should be there.    

#7. They excuse a bad treatment

The need to be loved is so strong that desperate people don’t notice bad treatment. They justify the actions of their partners to friends and family and don’t want to accept their help. When you notice bad treatment is a sign that you need to leave this person for good.

How not to seem a desperate person

So, let’s sum up how not to seem desperate:

  • Lead a full and active way of life and don’t change your plans.
  • Keep a healthy distance in your relationship.
  • Don’t pressure your partner: all in good time.
  • Don’t hunt for artificial compliments.
  • Don’t forget your friends.
  • Don’t neglect your requirements for a partner.
  • Don’t excuse bad treatment. 

We hope our signs of a needy man and tips will help you build strong and healthy relationships. Stay yourself and be happy!

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