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We often set ourselves different goals: change profession or buy a new car. How about relationship goals? Relationship goals are your ideal of relationships; an inspiration for action rather than a rigorous plan. We’ve made our own list of relationship goals to give you some ideas. Let’s go through them. 

1. Be partners in any weather

Things don’t always go smoothly. It matters to be able to solve problems together and to support each other.

2. Develop together

Experiencing new things together is a great way to diversify your relationship.

3. Dating schedule

Psychologists state this is a very effective technique. Dating gives your partner a special feeling and makes it possible to devote more time just for each other. To remember about it, just add dates to your schedule.

4. Be caring

One of the aims may be to respect each other. Consider each other’s interests, and respect your partner’s emotions.

5. Take initiative

Don’t take each other’s actions for granted. Be proactive and consciously do different pleasant things for each other.

6. Be confident

Do you want to get to your partner’s phone? How confident are you about your relation? One of the most important goals is to build a solid trust foundation.

7. Feel safe

A mutual sense of security is an important foundation for a long-term relationship.

8. Adventure together

Adventures together breathe fresh air into relationships. It is not at all necessary to jump together with a parachute (although it is a worthwhile undertaking). Try new things, change the cafe you go to on Sundays, travel more. Newness and spontaneity keep your love alive!

9. Hold on

Hold hands whenever possible. This is simple on the one hand and very romantic on the other. Make it a habit. On a walk, on the couch, in the park, in bed or the cinema.

10. Communicate for real

Don’t just listen to your partner, try to hear. Always be mindful of your conversations and be an active listener.

11. Think forward

Joint plans give partners a sense of security and confidence in the future together.

Think with your partner about what is fundamental to you in your relationship and focus on that. Most importantly, your list should be real to you. Don’t chase after a perfect picture on Instagram. Happy dating and stay tuned for our new posts!

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