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Introverts are those mysterious guys that can treat you very well and still not say a word about how they feel. So, you are alone with your guesses, “Does he like me or what?”

Let’s now quickly figure out all possible signs an introvert likes you so that you know this dude is worth your time. 

By the way, especially for that occasion, we gathered a couple of our introverted friends and were questioning them for an hour and a half. So, please respect their sacrifice and read the article till the end!

Introvert signs of attraction 

It’s 9 points to consider. 

They look at you for a while 

They admire you with their eyes. That’s why they stare a little bit longer than others. But that’s not that creepy gaze that freaks you out but a very warm and gentle look. If he looks at you like that for more than 5 seconds, the person is probably into you. 

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They know a lot about you, more than others actually

They somehow know that you don’t like black coffee and pineapples. They have probably gotten to know a lot about you even before your first date. How? Social media, common friends, etc. And just because they are good listeners: you may casually mention some fact about you, and the sweet introvert will remember that for the whole life.  

They tell you about themselves more than anybody

You will notice that the person tells you about themselves a bit more than anybody else. They open up to you, willingly share their thoughts, fears, and interests. They do that only if they feel a real connection between you. 

Your convos are always deep and meaningful

Introverts don’t waste time on random chit-chatting with people they like. They want to get to know your inner world and show their world too. But it doesn’t mean introverts are not funny and always serious – they are not. They also like to mess around and have fun. 

But if you find yourself in the middle of a conversation about your childhood, know that the person is really interested in you.

They are nervous around you

They may even blush in your presence. Why? Communicating with you makes them step out of their comfort zone. They love it, but it feels a bit awkward at first. So, if a person acts nervous (avoids eye-contact, nervously laughs, their hands can tremble and voice cracks, etc.,) they like you.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

They like to talk to you in private 

If an introvert tries to talk to you in private or invites you to their own space, it’s a sign that they are attracted to you. They don’t want anything to interrupt your conversations. So, in their opinion, their places are the best option for you to hang out and get to know each other better.  

Physical contact

Introverts don’t like speaking too much, but they do love touch. They are tactile people. They will touch your shoulders, hug you a lot, hold your hand, run their fingers through your hair – that is intimate and shows their feelings. 

They eagerly like and comment on your posts on social media

That’s their way of flirting. They can be the first to comment and like every single stuff you post. This way, they show their affection. 

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

They stretch their boundaries for you

Well, if you see that the person goes out of his bubble for you, to get to know you, they are greatly into you. If they go partying all night just because you like it, that’s the sign. 

How to tell if an introverted guy likes you: Resume

Signs an introvert loves you are the following:

  • looks at you a bit longer than others
  • knows a lot about you and remember everything you tell them
  • shares personal things with you
  • your convos are always deep and meaningful
  • is nervous around you
  • likes to talk to you in private rather than in a crowd
  • eagerly likes and comments on your posts on social media
  • leaves their comfort zone for you
  • touches you.

Now you know the secret and next time you will see your dear introvert you won’t be guessing. 

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