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A person in love can seem quite inadequate to onlookers. Chemistry and hormones do their job. When it’s a man who is in love, the situation changes dramatically! If you still guessing about how he treats you, here are 10 points to check. 


The humorist no longer fools around, the speechmaker does not tell stories, and an introverted nerd suddenly starts talking. These all are the signs of pleasant stress. It means he is not indifferent to you. It will preen himself and even change countenance and posture being near you.

Even a super confident male will break into a smile because he enjoys your company like crazy. And he would do everything to make it happen more often.

Sincere interest

A man in love will be interested in ALL your affairs. He’ll want to know about you more. Hobbies, family and relatives, interests, preferences, favorite movies and flowers — some of these topics will pop up in the conversation all the time.

A man in love sincerely takes part in your life and tries to make it easier: he will not allow you to freeze, wear heavy stuff, be hungry, etc. It is important to him how you got to work or university and what your mood is. He always gives a ride home or catch a taxi for you but do not let you go alone. 

Time and attention

A very important criterion. Remember: if a man is not indifferent to you, he will find time for you. To call, to text and see you. Even if he is busy being a cool entrepreneur, it should be appreciated.


An interested man invests his resources in a woman. Any kind: time, money, physical help, nerves, strength, his connections. For him, it is a natural manifestation of care and love-in-action.

Nuance! If you get a lot of gifts from him, and nothing else, do not rush to conclude that he is in love. Maybe he just wants to “pay off.” Reasons can be different: he is an easy-rider or just married, for example.


A man in love sets himself up for a long-term, not a one-time relationship. He will never put pressure on you. But this is not a reason to manipulate sex.

He may want you right here right now, but he’s willing to wait if you need time because you are important and valuable as a person for him. He sees his future next to you.


A genuinely in love man will never hesitate to tell the whole world about his love. “Here she is, she is mine, look at her, she is a real beauty!” At every opportunity will demonstrate you to his people: friends, relatives, mom and dad, and will be proud of it.

He is happy to be with you in public, but at the same time, gently claims his rights to you, in a good sense. Sometimes excessively jealous for the same reason. But girls, can you just forgive them?

Protection and care

The psychology of a man in love is simple: it includes instincts! And even the most skinny boy will be your knight and protector. It does not matter from whom or what he would protect you, he’ll try to keep you out of any trouble.

It will protect you with his body, the money, if needed, with a word. He will manage everything, organize, help, will try to ensure your safety at all levels.


It’s not about sex. This is about more intimate and touching things: the desire to hold the hand, pat your back, hug, kiss on the forehead, brush your hair off your ear, just be around as close and as often as possible. And it will never be enough.


A person in love is different from an “ordinary” person. He sees everything rose-tinged, rainbows and unicorns. Therefore, he idealizes his object of adoration and does not see your shortcomings, or thinks they’re cute and harmless. 

If you want to see if he’s in love with you, show him your weak side and see how he reacts.

And he’s always trying to be better for you. 


In your relationship, there is visible progress: after some time, you are already familiar with close each other’s close settings, then start traveling and spending more time together.

He does not disappear suddenly and vaguely, without explanation, and always tries to be on call.

So, what do you think? We are sure you will figure it out soon. At the end of the day, you always can ask point-blank!  


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