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On the wedding day, the bride has no choice: she dresses up in lehenga. However, there is one marriage ceremony where you can show your style and choose the desired silhouette and color of the outfit. This is an engagement ceremony.

You can choose a modern outfit, or you can prefer a more traditional option. If you are looking for your perfect dress, then this article is for you.


Putting a sari on the engagement ceremony is very traditional. You can choose bright colors and beautiful patterns, or vice versa a plain dress.


This is the outfit that will be appropriate for any holiday. It will fit any figure and make the image harmonious. With lehenga, you will never go wrong. Take a look at these outfits.

Engagement dress

Want to be bright and chic? Choose a gorgeous evening dress in western style. We have collected some examples to inspire you.


We do not often see brides in suits as engagement dresses, but these brides have proven that we are wrong.

Share in the comments what option did you choose for your engagement! 

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