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In brief, science says the best age for marriage is between 25 and 32 years old. It is noted that at this age, the risk of divorce is minimal since the partners know what they want from family life but at the same time have enough energy for day-to-day responsibilities.

Of course, everything is not that simple – there are pros and cons in marrying at 20, 30, 40, etc. So today, let’s figure out the perfect age for marriage for an Indian boy. 

Why age matters

  • Your emotional maturity. The older you are, the more experienced you become. That develops you as a person and makes you mature. That means you know how to take responsibility for your words and actions and take care of other people. 
  • Your financial status. It’s doubtful that a man in his 18s has a stable, well-paid job. With time, a man becomes financially set, which is why age matters. 
  • Your health. Family will get a lot of energy from you. The more you have it, the better. 
  • Laws. In India, boys are allowed to get married only at 21. Maybe it will change soon. 

Well, based on that claim, the ideal age for marriage in India can’t be identified so easily. On the one hand, the younger you are, the more strength you have. On the other hand, the older you are, the greater life partner you become. 

Pros and cons of marrying at different ages


+ You are young and full of energy, you would have little age gap with your children.

– you have no reach relationship experience, you are not financially set, psychological immaturity, you are not confident enough (a base of a healthy relationship.)


+ You are still young and active, you’ve got some experience and know what you want, you have money to support your family, you aren’t afraid of responsibility as before.

– You are deeply in your career, and you either lack time for it or for your family. 


+ You’ve seen and experienced a lot which makes you a good partner, you appreciate little things, and all the other advantages mentioned in the previous point. 

– People think you are an old loser who hasn’t found love. 

What’s the average age Indians get married

The average age at which Indians get married is 22.8 years. However, like in most countries, men marry later than women in India.

What time an Indian man should get married

Of course, the question of what is the best time to get married requires a highly individual approach. Nevertheless, many men start a family after they have achieved financial stability. 

It is widely believed that the ideal age for marriage is between 28 and 38 years old. Usually, the man has already “matured” in sexual, financial, and psychological terms by this time. In addition, he is aware of himself as a man and is ready to take responsibility not only for himself but for his wife and children. 

By this age, a man no longer wants to spend time in bars and clubs, change women and lead a promiscuous lifestyle. He already realized that happiness is not in all those women but in the one and only one that will love him sincerely and irrevocably. It is better for a man to marry when he sincerely loves a woman. 

Another point in favor of later marriages is material wealth. As a rule, after the age of 30, a man is already financially stable and can provide his family with everything it needs. So, at what age is it better for an Indian guy to marry? At the age when he is aware of all the responsibility he has to take and ready to do that.  

How do you know when it’s time to get married? 

Unlike men, all girls understand that they need to get married before 35, as the birth of children then becomes a real issue. Men, on the other hand, delay “the moment.” 

Sometimes a man, having reached a certain age, comes to the conclusion that marriage is not beneficial to him. For example, why don’t men want to get married after 30? The reason for this may be banal greed and unwillingness to share what they have acquired with someone.

To understand when a man needs to get married can be based on three factors: 

  • The ability to provide a woman with social protection and material security. 
  • Parents’ opinion. 
  • The girl’s loyalty. 

Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail. 

Frankly speaking, girls do not care about the possibility or impossibility of a man to support his family. Usually, a woman does not even delve into this issue. Each man must decide for himself whether he can take care of his family. Doubts about this are completely normal and indicate that the man has reached a certain degree of maturity. 

Parental approval is also important. Of course, it happens that mom and dad deliberately slander the potential darlings of their offspring, but much more often, they express an objective opinion, which would be nice to listen to. 

A man needs to get married when he trusts a girl. Why is the point of view of the parents important? Firstly, they have a certain life experience, and, secondly, they love you and wish you only the best. However, it all depends on the situation. If the reasons for the girl’s disapproval are far-fetched, there is no need to cancel the wedding. A wife is not only an object of love, but also a companion of life, a friend. If the girl previously gave reason to doubt, you should not marry her. 


The best age for marriage for males is 28-32, according to American studies. However, Indian studies show that the best age for marriage for men is 25-27 years. 

Our opinion: the best age for marriage for a man is when he is really ready to take responsibility.

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