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Telling about yourself is always difficult but telling about your partner preferences is twice harder. Why? 

Well, you probably know yourself well, so it’s easy to describe our appearance and hobbies. But do we always know what life partner we want to see near us? If you know, you are lucky; if you don’t… that’s why you are here reading this article. 

We will help you realize your needs and create the best description of what you are looking for in a future spouse. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Why is it vital to mention your preferences in the right way?

You need it to attract the right person and to ward off those who do not match with our image. This way, you make your search effective, wasting no time for people who aren’t right for you. 

In the long run, it’s this couple of sentences that will probably define your marriage success, so it’s worth allocating some time and effort in creating a good partner preferences info. 

Basic tips for writing “about my partner” for a matrimony website

Mention only those traits that are really vital for you. 

To make it easier for a person to start communication with you, indicate your vision of your relationship with them as completely as possible. Do not focus on the hair color or eye shape, or age limits of your future darling. If it’s something insignificant, forget about it – it isn’t something that defines a good life partner.

If there is something you can’t tolerate, mention it. If you don’t see a smoker next to you, say about that and if you like sports and want your partner to lead a healthy active life, that’s important to say. 

In general, it’s their attitudes, lifestyles, professions, physical disabilities, and interests that are to mention. 

Below you will find quotes on life partner preferences for both men and women

5 “About life partner” quotes for Women

an indian girl
Photo by Vidit Goswami on Unsplash
  1. I am looking for a man capable of constant development and ready to strive for the good with me. He should be respectful and gentle. 
  2. I like to communicate with ordinary people, not so noticeable at first glance, but honestly doing their business. So, I am looking for such a person whose life I could make full and more pleasant at home, and not only.
  3. I am looking for a man for a serious relationship. And not just serious ones but perfect! I just want to fall in love! So, you are at least X years old, not more than X, and it is interesting to talk to you. You are confident and don’t know anything about complexes. You know what you want in life; you don’t waste your time; you know how to respond to tenderness. Your “self” is not the most important thing in this life; you are not lazy, not passive, you have a bright soul, you want to love, care and protect. 
  4. A person with a sense of humor will surely find his second half in me. A person with good manners recognizes my noble origin, a person who treated me with attention, will certainly see in me the ability to rejoice in little things. I am looking for someone who is not afraid to find me. He will find a warm person for the family hearth and give me, without asking, a fire or a whisper of candles.
  5. I am not fixated on the man’s appearance, but what is important to me is a sense of humor, a desire for self-development, as well as his focus on family. I love outdoor activities and homemade food, so I want to meet a delicious cooking man with the same proactive attitude in life. 

5 “About life partner” quotes for Men

an indian guy
Photo by Naim Ahmed on Unsplash
  1. I am looking for a lover of life, ready for a serious relationship with vivid impressions. If you are cheerful in life, elegant in a restaurant, and able to make gray days bright and warm, we will make friends with you.
  2. I dream of a friendly and romantic girl. She is sentimental and does not like lies. For her, family is the main thing. I’m not looking for an ideal since we all have rough edges here. I need an easy and quite normal woman; I am responsible for everything else.
  3. She should be open-minded yet respect Indian traditions. She should belong to [cast name]. Our horoscope compatibility is also essential. 
  4. It is important for me to find an open girl who knows what she wants in this life and has empathy skills. Then we will definitely find reciprocity in everything.
  5. It is important for me that your interests are broader than shopping and hanging out in the club. No, I don’t mean to say that clothes and rest are bad. But I appreciate the depth in you.

We are sure you will find your soulmate soon, and our good life partner quotes will help you, no doubts. So, we are waiting for your love stories!

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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