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One of the important components of Hindu marriages is porutham or horoscope compatibility. Hindus have a tradition of exchanging these horoscopes before marriage. There are 20 various poruthams or Kootas, of which at least 10 need to be checked before marriage. One of them – Mahendra porutham – examines the main aspects of family life:

  • longevity;
  • wealth;
  • heirs.


In this aspect, you evaluate the strength of the relationship between a man and a woman in a marriage. When people decide to marry, everyone wants their spouses to have a long and full life. The longevity blessing is one of the best wishes for a young couple. One of the predictors of this crucial factor is Mahendra porutham. Families of the bride and groom are relieved when Mahendra porutham predicts a happy future for the young couple.


Although, as they say, money is not equal to happiness, nevertheless life without it is not sweet. Any young couple would like to start a life together with the hope of financial prosperity. Life changes very quickly, therefore it is all the more important to be able to predict what will come soon. Mahendra porutham analyzes the relationship between a particular marriage and the prospects for the accumulation and preservation of wealth by spouses throughout their lives.


Each couple dreams of procreation. A young couple wants to be good parents, capable of raising a son or a daughter they can be proud of. The prospect of family growth is a priority not only for the couple but also for the whole family, friends and society to which they belong. This aspect of Mahendra porutham predicts how parents will be able to protect their children and protect them from evil influence.

The relationship between longevity, wealth and the education of the heirs is obvious. To grow up healthy and happy children, you need longevity and reasonable financial opportunities.

Why is Mahendra porutham important for marriage?

Mahendra porutham is unique at some point. After all, we are talking about such aspects of marriage as longevity, wealth and heritage. Nobody wants to turn a blind eye to these 3 very important variables in married life if Mahendra porutham does not approve of the union.

Undoubtedly, there are other factors besides Mahendra porutham, which must be taken into account in connection with the choice of a life partner. This is one of a set of ten poruthams or Kootas that should be considered in a future marriage. 

If other aspects of the horoscope speak of compatibility, then Mahendra porutham still needs to be calculated. You cannot stake longevity, wealth and heirs, even if the other horoscopes turned out to be good. It must be understood that having Mahendra Porutham in place is an added advantage in predicting the success or failure of a marriage. 

To sum up, this should be seen in the light of the entire horoscope, and the coincidences of other porutams – one Mahendra porutham advice may not be considered sufficient or provide sufficient reasons for predicting key aspects of family life.

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