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According to the latest census in 2011, more than 170 million Muslims live in India. They are a unique mix of Indian culture and traditional religious practices.

Muslim marriage biodata has the following features:

  1. Women often include in their lifestyle descriptions religious traditions they follow. For example, does she wears a hijab or not.
  2. Both men and women tell how they feel about performing daily prayer rituals and pilgrimages to Mecca.
  3. Some Indian Muslims prefer to marry within one caste, while others are more open.
  4. From a profile photo, you often can understand how religious a person is.

Muslim marriage biodata example for a girl

About myself

I am a calm person with a positive attitude to life. I respect God, recite the Quran and pray five times a day. I need to follow our religious traditions. I love to cook, so on weekends, I cook meals for the whole family. Now I work as a graphic designer.


I am looking for a partner for life. He should be caring, loving and at least moderately religious. My ideal partner is someone who is successful in his career and has a positive view of life.

Why is this example good?

  1. A girl considers herself modern, but she honors traditions. This is what most middle-class Indians prefer. An example is her profession as a graphic designer with an emphasis on Islamic art!
  2. The girl demonstrates her attitude to religious rituals.
  3. She clearly describes what she expects from a potential spouse.

Muslim marriage biodata example for a young man

About myself

I am a devout Muslim. I am the second son in a family of three brothers and two younger sisters. My father works in a mosque, and my mother is a housewife.


I am looking for a devout Muslim woman. She must wear a hijab and must be ready to join me for the hajj. Education is not necessary, but she should know the Koran, perform prayer five times a day and lead her life based on the holy Quran.

Why is this example good?

These marriage biodata are an example of a traditional Muslim youth who puts religion at the head of the family. He clearly states his expectations of the supposed coincidence in terms of religious beliefs and draws a vivid picture of life after marriage

Now you know more about the specific features of Muslim marriage biodata. Stay tuned for our new posts!

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