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When a girl dreams about her future marriage, she also wants to know about her husband, his appearance, character, and life together: Vedic astrology can answer these questions.

So, if the question “How to know about my future husband through astrology” is actual for you, check our post below!

Even if you don’t believe in it, an astrologist can tell about your future husband with the help of a natal chart.

What can Vedic astrology tell you?

Vedic astrology can tell you a lot of interesting information via planets, stars and zodiac. It explains our behavior, future, events of our life and also can describe your future partner.

Every planet demonstrates its unique features that are reflected in the human’s horoscope in accordance with their placement. For example, what we can say about “Leo” in a couple of words: the symbol is Leon, the ruling planet is the Sun, the ruling house is fifth. It is the sign of fire, the leader, brave, courageous, and smart.

To make a Vedic horoscope requires a lot of relevant knowledge about Vedic gods, Nakshatras, their relationships, and places.

To answer your question about the future husband, an astrologist will take a deeper look at the place of Moon in the natal chart and place of 7th Lord.

What hides the 7th House?

According to Vedic Astrology, the 7th House is a house of partnership and marriage as the main one in human life.

The 7th House and 7th Lord show the main part of information about marriage.

How to read information about 7th House?

If Sun is on the dominating position in the 7th House, your partner will have a whitish color of the face, average height, and low voice. Also, he will be from a respectable family and nice-looking.

If Moon rules 7th House, your husband will be pleasant, with smooth light skin.

Mars in a dominating position is a sign that a husband will be intelligent, with an athletic build. He can be hot-tempered but convincing in a dispute and able to overcome everything.

Dominating Mercury says that your partner will be lovely, cheerful, smart, and fair. Such people can look very good and young in their old years.

Venus that rules in 7th House can give to the man a wife with perfect appearance. She will be charming, creative, appreciate arts, luxury, and convenience. Also, it can be a symbol of love marriage.

Saturn gives down-to-earth, disciplined, mature partner. Also, it can mean the aged partner.

Jupiter shows that a partner will be wise, maybe the man of science.

Rahu can be a sign that your husband can belong to another community or caste.

The 7th Lord in 12th House tells that a partner can be a foreigner.

What else can you ask the astrologist?

How many marriages will you have?

Another popular question is about number or marriages. It is a very emotional moment for both, parents and their children: both of them think that marriage is a sacred mystery and a wife and a husband should be together all their life.  But now our life is so unpredictable and fast that this question becomes actual.

In this case, Sun in the 7th House becomes a negative symbol for the family life. It can show a delay with marriage, conflict of two egos that can lead to the second marriage.

Where will you live after marriage?

Signs and planets also can tell about your location after marriage: will you stand in your native town or should wait for a radical change. Astrology can give you this answer with the help of a special classification of signs. According to it, there are 3 groups of signs:

  • Movable: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. If you have one of these signs in your 7th House, it means that you will move far from parents after marriage, sometimes it can be a foreign country.
  • Fixed: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius: they mean you will stay in your native town or district.
  • Dual: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces: they are the symbols of the medium distance between your new home and parents’ home.

As we see, astrology can provide a lot of information related to different spheres of your life and marriage. It is your choice how to treat it: someone likes to know and just wait for future events, but another person takes what an astrologist says as the guide to action and is searching for a partner similar for description. What way will be yours?  

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