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So, when you registered on the matrimonial site, it’s time to create an amazing matrimonial profile that will help you to get maximum responses. There are several recommendations on how to write the About Me for matrimony in the most attractive way. Your profile should tell about you as a person, about your family background, education, career, interests, and hobbies. Also, don’t forget to add your stunning photos. The smartly filled profile is the key to success when a girl or a boy is searching for a partner or parents want to find a relative person for marriage with their child.

How to write a matrimonial profile for a boy

Let’s consider several examples of matrimonial profiles for men.

#1. Tamil Brahmin Man with progressive views

I am 30 years old and 5’9” in height. I’m working as a Manager in a large multinational company. I completed the Christ University Bengaluru and MBA in IIM Bangalore. I love my family and friends and spend a lot of time with them. Also, I like traveling and playing sports. I respect my culture and traditions, but, despite my Tamilian Brahmin roots, I have progressive views. My friends say that I am a cheerful and intelligent person.

#2. A family-oriented IT specialist from North India

I am 29 years old Punjabi man with a muscular build and 6” tall. I completed C.B Insitute of technology and now I am an IT specialist. I am a family-oriented person and live with my family: my parents, two younger sisters, and grandparents. In my free time, I play football with my friends, an active way of life is important for me.  Also, I can play guitar and like to read books.

#3. A businessman who leads a healthy lifestyle

I am a 31-year-old man from a Bengali family. I have 6’1” in height and a muscular build. I lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly go to the gym. I am a businessman and owner of a transportation company. I live with my parents and younger brother, I love and support them. I want to start a modern family but also follow social ethics. I am an active person with versatile hobbies. I like traveling, hiking, and adventure sports. When I stay at home, I like to cook for my family and friends.

#4. A divorced engineer with no children

I am 32 years old, medium height, with a good build. I am working as an executive engineer in a multinational company. I have an unfortunate experience of family life, but I’m still full of optimism to start a b and happy family. My previous marriage lasted 4 years, we had a different outlook on life. So, we got divorced 2 years ago. I respect ethics norms and traditions and lead a simple way of life.

#5. An intelligent architect from Chennai

I am a young, 5’9” tall man, engaged in the family business related to construction. I have a master’s degree as an architect and strive to learn something new, so sometimes there can be business trips in my work. I am a person with modern views, but follow ethical rules and respect my roots. I live with my parents and younger sister and want to create a large and happy family.

How to write a matrimonial profile for a girl

Below you can check some really good examples of matrimonial profiles for women.

#1. Written by parents of the girl

Our daughter is 5’2” high, beautiful, with an average build. She has a science degree and is preparing for Government Services examinations and pursuing her higher education. All our big family loves her. Our daughter takes care of all family members, she is a good cook and knows a lot of recipes. She is a smart and kind girl who follows ethical values. She likes to dance, also writes poems.

#2. An educated modern girl that follows social ethics

I am a 25-year-old modern girl with completed education and a Ph.D. I am 5’6” high with a petite build, working as a lecturer at the Government Girls Inter College. I live with my family (parents and younger brother) and like to spend my free time with them and friends. I hooked on traveling to beautiful places and reading. Also, I participate as a volunteer in various non-governmental organizations. My parents and close friends say that I am a good-hearted and lively person.

#3. A widow with a little daughter

I am a well-qualified graphic designer in a large company from Mumbai. I am 5’5” high and have a slim figure. My husband died in a terrible car accident two years ago, and my little daughter became the reason for my life. Now she is a 4 years’ old lovely and smart girl. My parents support us and help nurture my daughter. When I have free time, I like cooking traditional dishes and sweets.

#4. Creative painter and photographer from Dheli

I am a young girl with a master’s degree in fine arts, now I’m going to get a Ph.D. I am a cheerful and creative person, trained in painting and classical music. Several of my paintings participated in an international exhibition. Also, I like to photograph and try to turn my hobby into a way of earning money, but now I have no work. I live with my large and friendly family that includes my parents and siblings.

#5. Career-oriented girl

I am 25 years old with a 5’4” height graceful young woman from Delhi. I am a practicing pediatrician with an MBBS degree from AIMS and an MS from London. I like reading books and listen to classical music. I’m looking for a person who will support me in my career and want to start a family with a modern independent woman.

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