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Marriage biodata is a set of shortlisted facts that include basic information about a person who wants to get married. Profile creation is very important for arranged marriages, as this is a way to get acquainted with the candidate as a wife/husband.

What should be written in marriage biodata?

There is no ultimate success formula for writing marriage biodata. Each person writes what he/she considers necessary. The main goal is to provide enough information to create optimal pairs so that your profile draws attention.

Most people want to find out in marriage biodata basic information: marital status, horoscope compatibility and partner expectations. Some people find it important to talk about their lifestyle and hobbies. Below you find a complete list of what can be mentioned in marriage biodata.

Block #1

  • Name, age
  • Date of birth
  • Height, weight

Block #2

  • Religion
  • Casta/Sub-Casta
  • Eating habits

Block #3

  • Education, profession
  • Income
  • Current residence

Block #4

  • Names of parents and their profession
  • Number of brothers and sisters and their current marital status
  • Family type and status

Block #5

  • Lifestyle, personality traits, hobbies
  • Horoscope details 
  • Partner expectations (age, min. height, caste preferences, education/professional experience, habits)

How to write biodata?

  • Create your version in Microsoft Word
  • Download a template on the Internet (for example, at JodiLogik.com)

Happy dating and stay tuned for our new posts!

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