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You will discover how to attract your crush’s attention regardless of their sex. 

So, this person has a very special place in your heart and of course, you want it to be mutual. It’s possible. But you should know that all the tips that will be discussed below will not give you a guarantee that your crush will immediately fall for you. With them you will seem more attractive, that’s for sure. But love is an unpredictable feeling, you can’t control what other people feel for you. 

Tips on how to make your crush like you

Show your interest

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This is how to make a move on your crush – just show your genuine interest. When communicating with the person, be interested in them, ask questions: about family, hobbies, plans for life, preferences. It will help you get to know and understand them better, and find common interests. This way, the person will see that the interest shown is not only a physiological attraction. 

It is important to avoid intrusiveness, if your crush is not ready to answer any of your questions, it is better to smoothly transfer the conversation to another topic.

Be honest

If you like the person, you should not pretend to be indifferent to them in the hope that they will show their interest first. It’s always better to tell them directly what you feel for them and that you would like to get to know each other better.

And in general, honesty is the best policy.

Show you are funny

It is more pleasant to communicate with a cheerful person than with a grumpy or boring one. For this it is not necessary to turn into a comedian, there is no need to give out another joke every minute. But the ability to comment on situations with humor, or to joke about your own shortcomings is a good option to draw attention to yourself. 

The main thing is not to go too far with humor, avoid vulgarities and not offend others with your jokes.

Be confident and successful

Confident people are more attractive than self-doubting losers. Agree? It is self-confidence that brings you small and big victories in any area of ​​life. Behave like a confident person: straighten your shoulders, look straight in your crush’s eyes and talk to them about your achievements and victories: in business, in school, at work, in sports. Talk about your favorite business with enthusiasm,  but without reducing the story to banal bragging. 

It’s relevant both for girls and for guys. Confident people attract confident people. 

Show good manners 

The tip is not only for men. Good manners never seem boring (as you might think.) People appreciate them, even if they try to show that they don’t care. A man who will help a girl get out of the car, hold the door for her, or a girl that covers her boy with a blanket on a summer terrace will be awarded a grateful smile at least and deep affection at most.

Be unpredictable. It is attractive

The older we get, the more boring and measured our life becomes. All actions are planned for several days, or even months in advance. Sometimes it’s so nice to break out of this circle of routine, to allow yourself a little spontaneity. At least once a month, give up standard dates, make surprises: invite your crush to see the sunrise on the roof of the house, organize a picnic in the forest, give them a ticket to your favorite show or concert. The main thing is that the surprises should be pleasant, e.g. if a girl is not a fan of folk music, she is unlikely to appreciate the invitation to Newport Folk.

Respect them

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Respect is underestimated especially among youngsters. Often boys think that rude means manly. Girls think that being somehow rude makes them bitchy and sexy. Even if a girl is an active fighter for gender equality, she will accept the respectful attitude of a man favorably. The same is for men. 

Not to mention that respect for the views, principles, interests, and time of another person is a basic principle of successful coexistence. For example, you should answer calls and messages, ignoring a person is rude. When determining joint plans, it is necessary to be interested in the desires of your partner. When asking out on a date, you should ask the person about their plans and preferences.

Become necessary

An irreplaceable way to win over a person is to become necessary. This is not about material dependence, spiritual dependence is more important. Being interested in all aspects of your crush’s life, listening to their experiences, along the way advising and helping to solve emerging problems, you can gradually take your place in the life of this person. Communication with you will become habitual and necessary.

When a person realizes that they met a reliable, self-confident person who is genuinely interested in them, they will never let you go.

This is how to make yourself attractive to your crush. But the point is that we also receive questions like, “My crush doesn’t like me. What should I do?” So, the next thing we’ll discuss is what to do in such a situation. 

What to do when your crush doesn’t like you

Make sure your crush doesn’t like you indeed

You may just misinterpret their behavior. Sometimes people hide their real feelings for god knows what reason. So it is better for you to make sure that the person’s coldness and indifference are caused by the absence of feelings for you.

Be friendly but don’t flirt with them

Don’t let them think that your emotional actions are related to their zero feelings for you. If they say hello, say hello back. Try mirroring. Whatever they do, you act the same way in response. Just don’t let them think, “Oh! She/he’s so dramatic” because they will get tired of it. When they see you angry, they have two thoughts: “crazy” and “I don’t want to deal with her/him“.

On the other hand, one of the worst things about not reciprocating his feelings for you is flirting with them. Try to restrain your body language. This includes touching their hands, turning everything they say into a sexual connotation, and being around them all the time. Keep your hands, eyes, lips, and legs away from the person. Just communicate as usual, and be neutral at the same time. 

Focus on yourself

How can you be an interesting person if you don’t develop yourself, don’t have hobbies that make you different from others? Just be the best version of yourself. And don’t forget to share it on social media – it will make her or him think about you more often whether they want it or not.

Make your crush’s friends like you

The opinion of other people around them influences their opinion of you. The cycle of opinions is that if one person finds you attractive, they will tell the other about it, and your crush will start looking for confirmation of this. Let a whole bunch of their friends talk about you. 

We hope you found the article useful. Let us know your stories of getting your crushes to like you in the comments! It’s going to be really fun. 

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