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If the hot Virginia sun doesn’t seem warm enough, it’s time to call your sweetheart and finally spend a beautiful evening together. But let’s forget about such trivialities as a dinner at the local restaurant. Make this night special.

We’ll give you some hints – 5 Virginia Beach date night ideas. Your home task is to arrange everything nicely. Let’s start.

1. Sunset Dolphin Tour

kayaking at sunset
Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

This idea is our favorite among all date night ideas Virginia Beach has to offer. It’s fun, adventurous, informative and super romantic. You should do that. 

  • It’s a kayak tour. 
  • You don’t have to be experienced at it. 
  • Seasickness is not an issue if you choose the right time when waves are non-existent. 

Imagine the ocean, the sunset, you and your beloved person and dolphins swimming around. Don’t you want to experience that?

Besides dolphin experience, you will get up-close with native wildlife while witnessing local landmarks such as the Cape Henry Lighthouses and Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. 

Your instructor will tell you about the history of these places, so the date will be a bit educational as well.

Good for: Couples, sea life lovers

Address: Chesapean Outdoors 600 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Working hours: Check tour calendar

Phone: 757 961 0447

Website: https://www.chesapean.com 

2. Muse Paintbar

Muse Paintbar in Virginia Beach
Image source: https://www.facebook.com/MuseVirginiaBeach

Here you will create masterpieces with your own hands. Even if you have always thought that you are all-thumbs. You can choose a date and a painting you are to draw. Instructors will lead you, don’t worry.

When inside, you can order drinks and snacks at the bar. 

Paintings on the wall, pleasant music playing, people having a blast – all that creates a cool ambiance. 

The session is about 2.5 hours.

Good for: Couples, art lovers

Address: 4500 Main Street #105, Virginia Beach, VA

Working hours: Check the event calendar

Phone: 757 828 2800

Website: https://www.musepaintbar.com 

3. Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant

Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant
Image source: https://www.facebook.com/FunnyBoneClubs

To eat, to drink, to cry from laughing, there is only one place in Virginia Beach where you can get it all – Funny Bone. 

The place is not the most modern one, but the pleasure you will experience there will outshine all little drawbacks. 

Come earlier to order some food and take your place avoiding lines. And the food is good there, and very reasonably priced. 

You can order a 2-seat table only for you two. That’s a huge plus. 

Good for: Couples, comedy lovers, eating

Address: 217 Central Park Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Working hours: Check show calendar

Phone: 757 213 5555

Website: https://vb.funnybone.com

4. PIXELS Pints & Bytes

PIXELS Pints & Bites in Virginia Beach
Image source: https://www.instagram.com/pixels.norfolk

Half an hour from Virginia Beach, you will find the hidden treasure for gamers. And even if you are not the one, you will enjoy a date there. Here is why:

  • Consoles, board games, pinball, pong, challenge games and dozens of other options are at your disposal.
  • House cocktails at very good prices.
  • The food is excellent.

Come here to get nostalgic a bit. This place invites you to. But remember you have to be 21+ to stay there after 9 p.m.

Good for: Couples, playing, eating

Address: 2117 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517

Working hours: Monday – Friday:  4 p.m. – 12 a.m., Saturday: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m., Sunday: 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Phone: 757 481 8253

Website: https://pixelspintsandbytes.com 

5. Escape Room

a girl in a library
Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Yeees, at least one of your date nights in Virginia Beach should be held there. They have 4 escape rooms (the 5th is coming soon), choose the one to your liking and go ahead, challenge yourselves. It’s a good bonding experience for a couple.

You will dive into an interesting story with a mystery. You are going to love this game.

Good for: Couples, fun seekers

Address: 4317 Bonney Road Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Working hours: Monday – Tuesday: CLOSED, Wednesday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m., Thursday – Saturday:  noon –  10 p.m., Sunday:  noon – 7 p.m.

Phone: 757 228 7577

Website: http://www.escaperoomvirginiabeach.com 


These are all ideas for a cool date night in Virginia Beach. You are welcome!

If you want to visit these spots but have no one to invite, create an account on Tune2Love. Our dating service will make your search efficient.

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