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It’s for a good reason that famous Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., also known as Snoop Dogg, chose this place to be born in. Long Beach can amaze everyone. Iron Man, Knight and Day, Transformers and the Star Trek movies were shot there, did you know?

There are many places in Long Beach where you can spend time with your loved one. Each place has its own unique energy that will help you remember your date for a long time.

If you have no idea where to go and what romantic things to do in your city, we’ve gathered 10 best Long Beach date ideas. So read the compilation till the end and then ask your honey out on the best date in your lives.

1. Aquarium of the Pacific

Image source: https://www.aquariumofpacific.org

You can visit shark lagoon and June Keyes Penguin Habitat, take a Whale Watch Cruise, or Harbor Tour to look deeper at sea life. That’s a perfect way to discover a whole new world with your partner.

Watch main exhibits, feed the birds and animals, drop in the local Café Scuba to fortify yourselves, and then attend a lecture to learn more about seafood. 

The date there will be funny, educational, and exceptionally romantic, don’t you agree?

Oh, and please take the time to watch their TikToks. You will learn about sea life much more. 

  • Standard tickets will cost you $17.
  • They have AquariumLIVE if you can’t visit the place due to the quarantine. 
  • You can observe veterinary medicine in action at Molina Animal Care Center.

Good for: Couples, wondering around, education

Address: 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802 

Working hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 a. m. – 6: p. m., Friday: 9 a. m. – 8 p. m., Saturday – Sunday: 9 a. m. – 9 p. m.

Phone: 562 590 3100

Website: https://www.aquariumofpacific.org

2. Naples Island

Image source: https://showmehome.com/explore-naples-island

What can be more romantic than a trip to Italy? Local Italy, of course. People call this place a dreamland of Southern Cali.

Cruise the public canals on a gondola as if you are in Venice. Enjoy the charm of this place with your beloved.

Explore the narrow streets and walkways, find a plaza with a fountain La Bella Fontana Di Napoli. Take a hundred photos. End the date at one of the restaurants on 2nd Street.

Naples Island is one of the most romantic places in Long Beach, and let’s be honest on the West Coast. 

  • Set out in the early morning, there is a lot to discover.
  • The area is especially beautiful at Halloween, Christmas and other holidays. 

Good for: Couples, kayaking, eating

Address: Between Belmont Shore and the Long Beach Marina

Working hours: 24/7

Phone: – 

Website: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Reviews-Naples-Island-Long-Beach-California.html 

3. El Dorado Nature Center

Image source: @FriendsofElDoradoNatureCenter

Two trails, a museum, lakes right in the forest, animals in the wild – a bit of fresh air in your daily life. You two will have a great time together there.

Ride bikes, take some snacks, make a little picnic, take a couple of beautiful photos. El Dorado Park is one of the most romantic places in Long Beach.

It is a perfect getaway and is so close to home. 

  • You can find a small island with the Visitor Center with educational displays, an art gallery, and a gift shop with environmentally themed books and gifts. 

Good for: Couples, strolling, 

Address: 7550 E Spring Street Long Beach, CA 90815 

Working hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 8:30 a. m. – 4 p. m.

Phone: (562) 570-1745

Website: http://longbeach.gov/park/park-and-facilities/parks-centers-pier/el-dorado-nature-center 

4. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Image source: @ebmjg

It’s a hidden gem of Long Beach. You will love its koi pond – somehow, it makes you super calm and relaxed. The garden is well-maintained, every corner of it is worth capturing on your camera.

Plus, you can see different animals here. Local ducks are so cute – definitely must-see.

  • You will find it at California State University, Long Beach. They say this place is amazing all year round, so don’t hesitate to plan your date there. 
  • You can rent the whole garden. Usually, people do it for weddings or any other celebrations. So, call there before the visit to check if the garden isn’t booked already.
  • They sell a great coloring book inspired by the garden. Make sure you purchase one for zen. And no, it’s not only for kids. 

Good for: Couples, strolling, meditation

Address: 1250 Bellflower Boulevard Long Beach, California 90840

Working hours: Not specified 

Phone: 562 985 4111

Website: https://www.csulb.edu/japanese-garden 

5. Shoreline Village

Image source: @shorelinevillage

This is a famous shopping area in Long Beach with the best views. There, you can enjoy live music, great food, unique shops and pleasant surroundings, of course – the center overlooks marvelous Rainbow Harbor.

You can spend the whole day there. There are many cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget, no fewer shops where you can buy some little gifts and a lot of possibilities for fun, such as sailing and parasailing, Pelican Pier Pavilion with carousel and arcades, cruises and others. 

  • The place can be crowded sometimes.

Good for: Couples, shopping, eating

Address: 401-435 Shoreline Village Drive Long Beach, California 90802

Working hours: Shops open 10 a. m. – 9 p. m. Check individual restaurants for operating hours

Phone: 562 435 2668

Website: https://shorelinevillage.com 

6. Museum of Latin American Art

Image source: @molaaart

It’s a good place to hang out together and to learn something new. At least, you will get one more topic to discuss. 

The museum is really cool. There are loads of exhibitions where you can see contemporary art objects – paintings, sculptures, photography, incredible structures, and textures. You will be inspired, touched, and maybe encouraged to create.

  • The ticket will cost you $10.
  • Pleasant music and delicious food are provided. You won’t be angry and hungry there.

Molaa is one of the best fun things for couples to do in Long Beach. Make sure you visit it with your sweetheart at least once.

Good for: Couples, enlightenment

Address: 628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802 United States

Working hours: Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun: 11 a. m. – 5 p. m., Thursday 11 a. m. – 9 p. m. MOLAA is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Phone: 562 437 1689

Website: https://molaa.org

7. The Queen Mary

Image source: @thequeenmary

The place is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, but there is no doubt it will be opened again, and you will manage to visit it with your partner.

It’s not just an average ship. It’s a ship, hotel, and an entertainment place – all in one. You can take a tour and watch all the exhibits. You can get involved in one of the haunted and paranormal activities. This place is full of mystery. Dozens of couples spend their fun dates in Long Beach here.

More than that, there are a couple of good restaurants and shops there. You will be fascinated. 

This place evokes the feeling of living history. You find yourself in a completely different time and reality. In brief, you won’t get bored and hungry. That’s why it’s often chosen as a place for a date.

Good for: Couples, history lovers, 

Address: 1126 Queens Highway Long Beach, CA 90802

Working hours: Not specified

Phone: 562 435 3510

Website: https://www.queenmary.com

8. Brushstrokes + Beverages 

Image source: @brushstrokesandbevs

Painting, drinking a bit of beer or wine, and eating tapas. What else can create such a perfect date? 

You will be taught how to draw your emotions and feelings, how to express yourselves. At the same time, drinks will relax you enough for you to feel completely free. You will like this experience. We promise. Plus, you get nice souvenirs made by your own hands. 

  • Note that it’s recommended to book events in advance. Such fun date ideas are extremely popular among people of all ages.

As you see, finding not trivial dating ideas in Long Beach is not something impossible. We just proved it.

Good for: Couples, painting, drinking

Address: Events can be hosted in different locations, check the calendar

Working hours: Times of events vary, check the calendar

Phone: 310 961 8082 – Text messages only

Website: https://www.brushstrokesandbevs.com

9. Long Beach Museum of Art

Image source: @LongBeachMuseumofArt

It’s a place of great art where you can get familiar with the best and sometimes strange things the human brain and hands can create. 

Spend an hour or two enjoying art objects and then go straight to Claire’s to get something to eat and drink. The menu is great there, and the view of the ocean and the Queen Mary is stunning. Then, go to Sculpture Garden – its installations are something crashing. 

Even the building of the museum is beautiful. We bet you two will like this date and remember for a long time. That’s why there are many people who visit this place regularly – new exhibitions, new impressions are something that people always want. 

Good for: Couples, 

Address: 2300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90803 

Working hours: Thursday to Sunday: 11 a. m – 3 p. m, Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Will be changed.

Phone: 562 439 2119

Website: https://www.lbma.org

10. The Rancho Los Alamitos

Image source: @rancho_los_alamitos

Take this historic house tour, visit its gardens and a farm with a big draft horse, a couple of ponies, goats, and hens. Do you remember the last time you got such a countryside experience? This date will be remembered for long, that’s for sure. 

You will learn a thing or two about the history of this place. It will help you plunge into the 19th-century atmosphere as we know how hard it is sometimes to live in the 21st one. 

  • It’s better to call and make a reservation before you go there.
  • Take your camera with you. It is a paradise for photographers. Photos from the ranch will be beautiful.

Good for: Couples, 

Address: Rancho Los Alamitos, 6400 E. Bixby Hill Road, Long Beach, California 90815

Working hours:

Phone: 562 431 3541

Website: https://www.rancholosalamitos.com


Were you looking for some things to do in Long Beach on a date? You’ve got them — your turn to act. 

Those who haven’t found the partner to spend these long days and evenings with, feel free to sign up for Tune2Love. It’s a huge base of singles around the USA, including Long Beach “solo players.” 

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