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There is no doubt, they can. Don’t underestimate the discernment of your friends and family. They often are perfectly aware of your interests and more importantly, how they affect you. They see how you and your partner flirt, how you argue in a special way, and how strange tension is created between you when both of you try to figure out each other’s feelings.

You will find all the intense chemistry signs people can see from this article. Read till the end. 

What is chemistry?

In general, the happiness of a couple depends on three main components:

  • chemistry
  • compatibility
  • agreements.

Chemistry is an emotional bond that arises between people when they are close to each other. We can call it a passion, a disease. When chemistry occurs, something in people’s behavior and personality traits triggers a dopamine surge. 

They spend all their spare time with each other, but it is always not enough. They whisper cute little things in each other’s ears, without hesitation use the L-word, and annoy everyone around within a mile radius. 

Compatibility is a natural match of the values ​​and lifestyles of two people. It appears out of physiological, emotional, valuable, intellectual compatibility, and common interests.

Agreements are a culture of communication. Ability to conduct a dialogue, solve problems, get out of conflict situations that are inevitable in any relationship.

Today, it’s the chemistry that we investigate. 

9 signs of physical attraction between two people

This is how to tell if there’s chemistry between two people. 

  1. They look into each other’s eyes all the time

Eye contact, especially a long one, is the first sign of interest in a person. It is so on the surface when people look and can’t take their eyes off each other.

  1. They touch each other

It doesn’t have to be something sexual. This can be a light touch of shoulder, knee, arm, or hair. For example, a man’s sexual interest can manifest itself in holding a woman’s hand or covering her hand with his.

  1. Their body language speaks volume

Their bodies are directed towards each other. At a party, they can stand in different corners and talk to different people, but everyone tries to position themselves so that they can see each other.

And when they speak, they lean towards each other to be closer. In such a situation, no one has a sense of violation of personal space. On the contrary, there is a desire to deepen this intimacy, to become even closer to each other, to close off from others, and create their own secluded space.

  1. They flirt everywhere anytime

You can just ignore their flirting as they do it all the time. Even when they argue about something. 

  1. They laugh a lot

Laughter and flirting are often linked because they are all positive reactions to what is happening. Everything that people who we are attracted to tell seems funny, interesting, worthy of attention.

  1. They mention each other even where it’s not necessary

If they both talk about each other, probably they are infatuated. When people have chemistry, they constantly want to talk about the subject of their passion. It doesn’t matter if it sounds ridiculous or funny or out of place.

  1. They tease each other

If people behave like elementary school students, something is clearly happening between them. They come up with funny nicknames, gently push, tease and make fun of each other.

  1. They do not see other people around

There may be colleagues, passers-by, passengers around them, but it still seems to them that there are only two of them in the whole world. When they get lost in each other, they won’t probably hear what you say. 

  1. They feel comfortable not to speak

The chemistry between friends and lovers means they can hold each other’s hands without saying anything. They feel good, no need to fill the awkward pauses. 

As you may realize, the connection between two people can’t be undetectable. People can sense it. And now you know everything about it. 

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