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If you ask somebody to describe who can be their perfect life partner, there would be something common in their listings: all we are looking for good-hearted people. Such people create a special atmosphere near themselves, they are the embodiment of warmth and light, and it is great luck when a good-hearted person is your friend or better half.

But how you can identify good-hearted people via chatting or at the first meeting? You should show your observational skills and figure out the personality traits of your conversationalist. We prepared several tips that will help you understand that in front of you is a good-hearted person.

Top 15 things that good-hearted people do

  1. Their jokes are always kind. Such personalities try to cheer up their friends, not offend them or diss. They wouldn’t laugh at someone’s mistakes or problems.
  2. They are ready to share their resources. It can be charity, tip, or just a cup of coffee. Good-hearted people are generous. 
  3. They give up their free time when it is needed for somebody. Time is also a precious resource in our world, but they are ready to spend their weekend helping a friend to move on to a new place, doing homework with younger siblings, or visiting single old neighbors.
  4. They don’t search for gratitude or recognition for good deeds. Their charity is anonymous and they don’t think that is something special, for them, it is a usual way of life.
  5. They accept us as we are. They don’t try to surround themselves with famous, rich people, or personalities who meet their responsibilities. They understand that all people are different and they like it.
  6. They try to smooth things over and avoid the spat and fight. They don’t sort things out in loud voices but calm down the conversationalist or let him or her vent. They wouldn’t escalate the situation and wouldn’t accuse you of weakness.
  7. They respect other people. They do not allow themselves to humiliate others, they turn to the seller, courier, taxi driver, or passer-by with needed dignity.
  8. They prefer actions to words. They won’t spend much time talking about how important it is to help somebody, they would do what they can. Be sure, such people don’t wasting their breath and you can trust them.
  9. They aren’t selfish. They always ask your opinion, listen to what you say, your routine life is interesting for them. A good-hearted person doesn’t turn your conversation into a monologue and doesn’t try to do all his or her way.  
  10.  They make you feel a winner, not looser. They don’t dominate in relationships, they search for a compromise and try to create harmony around them but nobody can say that they are weak-willed.
  11. They are self-respecting but not narcissistic. It is a well-known rule: if you don’t love and respect yourself, you couldn’t love and respect other people. It all starts with us. 
  12. If they are angry, they have a reason to do it. People are not perfect, and we all can be angry for various reasons, but good-hearted people won’t be angry about small things.
  13. They make feel us better. They help us to accept who we are with their love and respect, we don’t need to become someone else and change our nature.
  14. They have proven that they deserve your trust. They know the value of words and actions, so they invest in your relationships, they honest and open-ended with you.
  15.  They get an optimistic vision. They can see all the good things and the beauty of our world. Even they face challenges they don’t give up. They believe that everything will be all right and share their belief with all who needs it.
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