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Finding Peoria date night ideas is much more challenging than picking a spot for a day activity. It has to be something special. It should suit a couple and be both entertaining and romantic. It should unite and improve your connection in the couple. 

Luckily, we have checked five really good places that will help you to amaze your bae and plan a wonderful evening. You can choose a play, a show, a comedy, or a yummy dinner in a restaurant with live music. There are ideas for all tastes and ages. So, let’s go! 

1. Peoria Civic Center

Peoria Civic Center
Image source: www.facebook.com

The Peoria Civic Center is a great place for a date night in Peoria. Diverse types of events are held here, including concerts, comedians, conventions, Broadway productions, and family shows. So you can find almost any kind of live entertainment here. Invite your bae to dine in one of the restaurants nearby and continue your date at one of the events in Peoria. What a romantic date night!

Good for: couples, event lovers

Address: 201 SW Jefferson Ave, Peoria, IL 61602-1448

Phone: +1 309-680-3500 

Website: www.peoriaciviccenter.com 

2. Axe throwing

Axe throwing
Image source: www.facebook.com

Include axe throwing in your list of Peoria date night ideas and you will definitely amaze your bae. An AxeMaster will train you to throw, explain the rules and safety guidelines, and will do everything needed to ensure that you are safe and happy. You will try a new activity, learn some techniques, and enjoy the competition. Have a drink and popcorn and unwind in a whole new way. 

Good for: couples, adventurers

Address: 1001 SW Washington Street, Suite 5-201 Peoria, IL 61602

Phone: 309.419.2461

Working hours: Tue–Fri 4 PM – 9 PM, Sat 12 PM – 10 PM, Sun 12 PM – 5 PM

Website: www.goneaxethrowing.com 

3. Jukebox Comedy Club

Comedians in Peoria
Image source: jukeboxcomedy.com

Date night in Peoria will make you smile and laugh if you go to Jukebox Comedy Club. You can listen to both famous names and local artists. The venue is quite good and the service is attentive. Check the agenda and plan a date night that will cheer you up.

Good for: couples, comedy fans

Address: 3527 W Farmington Rd, Peoria, IL 61604-4722

Phone: +1 309-673-5853

Website: jukeboxcomedy.com 

4. Escape games

Escape game in Peoria
Image source: www.yelp.com

What makes an Escape room a nice idea for a date night in Peoria? You will engage in a challenge together with your honey. You will have to solve puzzles, look for clues and find a way out together. Such a challenge will help you to improve your level of communication and trust, as well as share an achievement after you complete the quest. You will also get better at solving problems as a couple, so give it a try. 

Good for: couples, adventurers

Address: 1001 SW Washington 5-202 Peoria, IL 61602 

Phone: (309) 419-2461

Website: gonein60.com   

5. Rhythm Kitchen

Music cafe in Peoria
Image source: www.facebook.com

Music and delicious food make up a wonderful tandem for a date night in Peoria. Rhythm Kitchen offers exactly this mix of home-cooked quality food and live music. Enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of the place. The service is very friendly, and the choice of dishes and desserts is perfect for a date night. It is better to plan your date early, otherwise, there can be a line out the door. 

Good for: couples, gourmands, music lovers

Address: 305 Southwest Water Street, Peoria, IL 61602

Phone: (309) 676-9668

Working hours: Tue-Thurs 5-8 PM, Fri-Sat 5-9 PM

Website: rhythmkitchenmusiccafe.com   


Now your personal list of Peoria date night ideas has five more perfect spots and activities. No more hesitation. It’s time to call your honey!

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