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William & EmmaWilliam and I were both divorced people who got so tired of being alone. We registered on dating apps and still couldn’t find a life partner. Tune2Love changed everything. It was a miracle that our interests and experiences were so similar, and even our stories were so alike. Two people from different countries managed to find each other!

I lived in United States, while William was living in Canada, but that didn’t stop us. William gave me his phone number, I hesitated to call him for some time, but fortunately, I gave him a try. William was a pleasant person and a true gentleman. We dated for some time and understood that it was love. When I recall the beginning of our story, it seems so fast.

In May 2020, we exchanged messages, then I got acquainted with his daughters. In June 2020, we got married and, since then, we have been living in pure happiness.

Now we make plans together and raise children in Canada. I want to say thanks to Tune2Love with all of my heart for helping us meet. I wish all single people to find their love.

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