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Success Story by Bobby and Amelia

Hey there! I am Amelia and I want to tell you my and Bobby’s love story. I signed up for Tune2Love when I almost lost any hope to find a soulmate. I am a California girl and he is a Colorado guy, we pointed out the location and weren’t supposed to meet. But it was a miracle, I saw him, sent a smile and he answered!

Since then, we can’t stop talking! We chatted for two months, and then he invited me to celebrate New Year together. It was the first time when I saw him. My plane landed in Denver, I came into the arrivals hall… When I looked into his eyes, it was like time stopped and only two of us stayed on the whole planet!

So, it’s been two years since that moment, we are together, married and expecting a baby.

I want to tell all of you, don’t give up, be sure, you will find your love when you least expect it!

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