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Online Dating and Relationship Advices

Online dating as a product of globalization is a part of our reality. There are a lot of mobile dating apps that make the way of searching for a partner easy and convenient. Dating sites are necessary for single people, but what about young people? They are surrounded by their peers at school, at sports, university, work, and other activities, so why should they use dating sites? The biggest part of married people say that they met with the help of friends, but stats show that online dating becomes more popular among young people. 

What is the prejudice about online dating?

A lot of people are worried before using dating sites, so it is normal if you think about questions like that:

How do dating sites work?

Is online dating secure?

Do people create a relationship with the help of dating sites or it is used only for a one-time meeting? 

The fact that many young people successfully use dating sites for meetings will calm you down. We can prove it with the help of statistics, so let’s take a deeper look at what social researchers can show.

Are young dating sites popular?

Social issues show that the popularity of young dating sites increased over the past ten years and now three times more people aged 18-24 years old use online dating (10% in 2013 and 27% now). It is a result of the introduction of mobile dating apps: a one-in-five young person uses such an application.

What stats say about online dating?

  • 80% of people think that online dating is a good solution for meeting with other persons. It is great information because several years earlier such kinds of sites had a suspicious reputation. Now people aren’t afraid to say that they look for a partner on dating sites. It is a common practice in our culture.
  • 80% of men are interested in dating younger women. Such an age difference can be 5 years or more. It is interesting information if you are a young woman of 24 years old and want to find someone older than you. 
  • 66% of people had a date with persons whom they met on dating sites. It is the answer to your question about serious relationships that started from Internet conversation. People use dating sites not only for simple chatting, they want to meet in real life and find matching persons. So, you also can try it!
  • 36% of single people say that they have tried online dating. It is a large number, you can compare it with the number of not married people in the US, it is 44%. 
  • A great number of young people use dating sites related to their college. Such dating sites become very popular: one-in-five Harvard students use this site, like 50% of students of Columbia and New York Universities.  
  • You shouldn’t rely upon meeting at the bar. Stats say that only 2% of men and 9% of women find their partners here, so your chances on the Internet are bigger! 
  • Young people spend about 77 minutes per day looking for a matching partner via mobile dating apps. People really want to find someone special, so they are ready to spend a lot of time searching. 

We hope this information can be a reason to try to find a proper partner through the Internet as millions of people do. Online dating becomes our reality so give it a chance.

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