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India is a country with a rich artistic heritage. A vibrant culture, unusual tourist destinations and romantic places – all this has the potential for organizing chic wedding ceremonies.

Throughout Indian history, various dynasties left their mark. The Indian royal wedding is a luxurious and grandiose event. Today, many couples want to do something similar. The Royal palace, silk curtains, columns, large chandeliers and many flowers.


Royal wedding in India lasts at least two days and includes a large number of ceremonies such as Mehndi or Sangeet. After traditional rituals, the wedding does not end. This is followed by entertainment activities, such as fireworks, dances, or performances.



Udaipur is often called the “Indian Venice”. Magical lakes, many temples and friendly locals make Udaipur a very attractive place in India. The impressions of the first acquaintance with the city remain in the memory for a lifetime: palaces, mansions and ghats are spread along Lake Pichola, and the most famous attraction – the Lake Palace – completely “floats” in its very center. The beautiful palaces of the city demonstrate the luxurious lifestyle of its former rulers. Temples are distinguished by the monumentality of their architecture. Lakes and parks help to relax after the bustle of the city.

To organize a royal wedding in one of the palaces, you should ask a wedding organizer for help. He/she will help you choose a place according to your preferences. The palaces guarantee the rich and regal atmosphere that is needed for a royal wedding in India.


The whole story of Rajasthan is a story of wealth, love and valor. Each palace has enough space and a royal atmosphere to organize a wedding. Hotels provide services, modern amenities and an individual approach for custom-made weddings. Each palace has unique features and history.

For example, for almost two centuries, the Rambagh Palace has been the home of members of the royal family. Today, this palace continues its history as a luxury hotel and a place worthy of a royal wedding ceremony, the splendor and wealth of which will amaze your imagination.


Jodhpur is called the “blue city” thanks to the color of city houses, as well as the “City of the Sun” because the weather is clear and sunny throughout the year.

The Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur offers all amenities such as unique royal decor, lighting and Rajasthan world-class cuisine that suits the tastes of wedding guests.

Other places

Palace in Fort Nimran, located near Delhi on the Jaipur Delhi Highway. The winding stairs of the palace lead to its main attraction – open terraces framed by well-groomed flowers. There is also a magnificent amphitheater, where concerts and performances are sometimes arranged, and two swimming pools with magnificent views.

Suryagarh Palace Jaisalmer, Taj Falakhnuma Place, Hyderabad, Mysore Palace, Mysore are magnificent palaces for a wedding in India. These palaces provide luxurious ballrooms, historic antique interior, dazzling lights and many scenic spots for weddings.

The choice of places is quite wide, you just have to choose the place of your dreams! Share your choice in the comments!

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