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Rajput marriage is well-known thanks to special marriage rituals. It is about lights, colors and vibes. Even in pre-independent India, the Rajputs were kings and ministers, therefore the Rajput wedding ceremony is very elegant and imbued with royal traditions.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Sarva Sanpurna with Chhattees Gunah

It all starts with the matching of horoscopes of the bride and groom, as well as a study of the royal dynasties origin.

Tilak Ceremony or Engagement 

It includes the exchange of gifts, applying tilak on the forehead of the groom and the official recognition of marriage.

Ganpati Sthhapana

Traditionally a puja in honor of Lord Ganesha is performed so that the newlyweds live long and happily.

Pithhi Dastoor

Turmeric and sandalwood paste is applied to the bride’s and groom’s skin. Throughout the evening, music is played and everyone dances.

Mahira Dastoor

Now the uncle from the bride’s family gives the bride sweets, jewelry and clothes.


This is a celebration of the end of a lonely period in life. Both the bride and groom have fun with their friends that night.


As soon as the puja is completed, the groom pretends to leave, but the uncle on the mother’s side of the bride stops him and convinces him to get married.

Palla Dastoor 

The groom’s family gives the bride gifts, clothes, jewelry and sweets along with other items. This happens one or two days before the wedding.

Nikasi, Baraat and Dhukav 

The groom visits the temple before directing the procession to the bride’s place. The groom always wears a sword, representing a strong and valiant Rajput tradition.

Wedding Rituals

The bride and groom sit in front of the sacred fire when the priest chants the Vedic mantras. The bride’s face is hidden behind a veil. 

Granthi Bandhan or Gathjoda 

The bride’s sister binds the groom and the bride with a piece of fabric, which symbolizes the eternal connection.


Groom takes the bride’s hand and promises to be there with her forever.


Groom puts the holy sindur on the forehead of the bride and greets the bride in his family.


In this marriage ritual of Rajput, the bride and groom make seven circles around the sacred fire and give seven oaths to be together with each other.

Chhol Bharai 

The bride is given a bag full of money, which means that the whole financial responsibility of the family lies with her. She then divides it equally between her daughters-in-law and her husband. The pair touches the feet of all the elders in the family.

At this point, Rajput wedding rituals end and there is time for fun, delicious food and music.

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