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The ring ceremony is the first time when you and your partner officially announce each other a bride and a groom. It is a serious moment in your life: all important for you people are here, parents are excited, friends have fun, your partner is perfect and near about you, so everything should be in the right place. 

We collected the best tips that will help you plan an amazing Sagai and don’t be nervous is your Big Day. These ring ceremony ideas will make your engagement unique and inspiring, so let’s begin!

Choosing the place for the ring ceremony

It is your first step in organizing the celebration, you should choose a theme and find the proper place, comfortable for all members. Think about the size of the celebration: it will be a small family event, party for family members and close friends or you want to invite a lot of guests. Also, you need to take into account your budget, personal preferences, and family traditions.

There are the most popular places for the ring ceremony: 

Get closer to your family in a cozy courtyard

It is a perfect place to share your joy with your family. Decorate a courtyard with garlands of flowers, rangoli, and weightless fabrics. Don’t forget about soft seats, pillows, and chairs: you need to create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy your life at the pool party

Splashes at the pool will add bright colors to your ring ceremony and help your guests to get spectacular photos. Also, you can use funny decorative items to sustain everything in one style. If you need a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, a pool will be a good choice. 

Ring ceremony in natural surroundings

If you and your partner love to spend your time surrounded by nature, you can organize your ring ceremony at the nature park, in the garden, near the lake. Before inviting guests to your party make sure that you have received the necessary permissions. Singing birds, green leaves, tender flowers will be a perfect decoration.

Set a little vacation

A ring ceremony can be a chance to get some rest and change of scenery with your family and friends far from town. Such a tendency becomes more popular in the last years. You can choose one of several variations and book the beach resort, forest bungalow, or even palace resort for the weekend according to your taste.

Turn to the beginning

If you are a romantic couple, you can take your ring ceremony at the same place where you first met or other important for you both place. It is a reason to remember your best moments and share them with your family.

Pick the theme of the celebration

Don’t be afraid, a theme isn’t something complicated. Just say your expectations and preferences in general terms to your decorator or person who helps with the ceremony organization. There are some important moments, which you need to choose.

The main color of your ceremony

Choose the color or palette for your ceremony. It means that your decorative elements and wearing should be in one color scheme. So, you will get amazing photos!  


Your treatment and its serving style should meet your theme and place of ceremony. For example, if you are planning a ring ceremony at the pool, you should prepare refreshments, different juices, cool drinks, light food, and fruits. 


Also, you should think about the background of your ceremony. It will help you to create a needed atmosphere and can be used when your guests will take photos. For instance, if it is a Bollywood theme party, it can be posters or some cinema objects.   


Every place and theme of the ring ceremony requires a certain style of your and your guests’ outfit. Gorgeous evening wears are misplaced on the pool or courtyard party and vice versa. Also, you can use the same elements in your outfit, for example, wear botanical tiaras or add floral elements in your clothes.

What about rituals?

We hope you are not tired because we go the most important part of this ceremony, that is between you and your partner. So, let’s continue!

Perfect rings

At this moment you should ask your parents about your family traditions, think about how you will present the ring, what kinds of engagement rings are exist and ask about the size of the ring that you need. Also, you can choose your engagement rings together to make sure of your choice. When you solve the issue with rings, figure out the way of their presentation.

You can use some of these ideas:

  • Traditional silver tray;
  • Tray with floral decor;
  • Tray with personal design or collage;
  • The thematic tray that meets the style of your ceremony; 
  • Ask your little family members, nieces, and nephews, or even your pets to bring the basket with rings.

Know auspicious day for Muhurtham

Ask your astrologist or Pandit about the auspicious day and time for your engagement. When you get this information, you should start your preparation.

Think about invitations

You can be creative in this question and make invitations in different ways. Write traditional invitations with warm words for your relatives and send funny video invitations for your friends!

Prepare all need things

If your ring ceremony will be started with puja and Aarti, you should make sure that all the needed items are here.

Arrange with vendors

Make an agreement with vendors in advance and your celebration will go in a proper way. So, keep in touch with your decorator, photographer, caterer, and other needed specialists.

Think about the entertainment 

Prepare the entertainment for your guests at your ring ceremony and fill your celebration with music, songs, and dances.

First dance

Train your first dance as a bride and groom with your choreographer. All friends and relatives will look at you, so your dance should be amazing and catchy.

Songs to get you in the mood

Prepare a playlist with proper music: it can be your favorite or modern songs that will help to create a great cheerful mood for your guests.

Souvenir photos

Also, you can organize a photobooth for your guests. It can be a special place with interesting elements of decor. So, they will think about this day every time when they will see these photos.  

Something special

According to your theme and place of the ring ceremony you can create a special kind of entertainment. For example, act out scenes from your favorite or popular movies, if your theme is a Bollywood or use artificial rains on the pool party.

We hope these ring ceremony ideas inspire you and help organize your special day without troubles.

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