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A wedding day is one of the most exciting days in the life of a bride and groom. Every bride wants to look stunning on this day. Every detail of her image — her dress, makeup, or bridal mehndi designs — is all equally important.

Drawing bridal mehndi designs is considered a good omen before any event, especially before the wedding. There are many different and elegant mehndi designs that you can drow on your hands, but when it comes to your mehndi wedding, it should be special, reflecting the individuality of the bride.

Sometimes not only the bride but also the groom put bridal mehndi designs on their hands to demonstrate love for their soulmate. In some cases, the first letters of the names of the newlyweds are woven into these patterns. We have selected some beautiful bridal mehndi designs for you to inspire.

For hands

Bridal mehndi designs symbolize how the bride will be received in the new house, therefore this pattern should be special.

For legs

As the bride “enters” the new house with all the love and care, it is very important to decorate her legs with an elegant mehndi pattern.

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