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After the wedding, a new stage in the life of every girl begins. We have gathered some tips for newlyweds on the topic of sex.


A confidential conversation with each other is the key to success. Excitement before the first wedding night is completely natural. You can talk with your spouse, discuss your waving. Talk about your life, your preferences and dislikes, even if it’s an arranged marriage, you can always build a connection with your man. Also, do not be shy to raise the topic of sex in a conversation with a partner.

To love and to be loved

It is very important to convey these feelings to the partner. It is not necessary to say everything in words. You can express your feelings with emotions or gestures. Just act as you feel.

Sex can be painful for the first time

If the hymen is still intact, then a little blood and pain are normal. The hymen can be disturbed for many reasons, such as horseback riding, etc. Start with big foreplay that will keep your pleasure and mood. Besides, use Lubricant to smooth out the sensations.


Excessive excitement or fatigue can negatively affect a man. So pay enough attention to foreplay.

First sex can be stupid and a little awkward, and that’s fine. Keep your pressure restrained and feel free to touch each other’s body parts. Let warmth and pleasure accumulate for each other. Your feelings and emotions during your first sex with your husband are a memory for a lifetime, so make sure that you create worthy ones.

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